Andrea Riseborough’s nomination does not change the Oscar race for best actress

This week, the Academy came together to examine the strange case of Andrea Riseborough. Nothing’s changed: After so much drama, Riseborough may retain a surprise Best Actress nomination for Leslie, despite questions about whether grassroots campaign tactics crossed a line with social media posts and other alleged wrongdoing.

Needless to say, while a rule change may be around the corner and nothing has really changed this week, the news cycle has certainly taken notice. Suddenly, everyone is talking about a movie and a show that not too long ago few people were paying attention to. Its public statement about the Riseborough decision only prompted the Academy’s executive committee to take a closer look at the situation — and the film itself. But what choice did they have?

On this week’s episode of Screen Talk, IndieWire’s weekly podcast, Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson discuss these recent developments, their responses to “To Leslie,” which they both recently watched, and share their favorite Riseborough performances. They also look at whether all this attention could affect the state of the Best Actress race (spoiler alert: doubtful, but not impossible).

Finally, they touch on some award-winning opportunities from this year’s Sundance and exchange thoughts on several new releases, from “You People” to “Knock at the Cabin.”

Watch the full episode above or listen below.

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