Amy Schumer, Hollywood Stars React To Hamas Attack On Israel

Many celebrities have taken to social media to pledge their support for Israel after the recent Hamas terror attacks. Amy Schumer, Guy Oseary, and Gal Gadot are just a few celebrities who have spoken out. According to Israeli media reports, at least 200 dead and 1700 wounded were in the attacks. 

In their posts, Schumer, Oseary, and Gadot heavily condemned the actions of Hamas and how heartbroken they are about the thousands hurt. They also shared footage of a young woman, Noa, kidnapped at a music festival.

Hamas Launched Multiple Strikes On Israel


Several celebrities have used social media to express sympathy for Israel after the recent Hamas terror attacks. On Saturday morning, the Palestinian militant group launched multiple air and land strikes on the Gaza Strip area of Israel. 

According to reports from rescue service officials to Israeli media, the death and injury toll is heavy. A report from the Associated Press estimates that at least 200 people were killed and over 1700 were heavily wounded from the attacks. Hamas agents also kidnapped an unknown number of Israeli civilians and soldiers. 

Reports say the Saturday attack is the deadliest terror attack on the country in decades. The Israeli government has already begun retaliating, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promising that “the enemy will pay an unprecedented price. This means the conflict will significantly escalate. Celebs like Amy Schumer, Gal Gadot, Guy Oseary, and Jamie Lee Curtis reacted to the news on social media. 

Amy Schumer Condemns The Hamas Attack

Amy Schumer at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Only Murders In The Building Season 2

Schumer took to Instagram to post viral videos from the Hamas attacks. The first slide showed a woman begging for help as she was kidnapped and a man being dragged away by multiple men. Social media has since confirmed that the woman is named Noa, and she was abducted from a music festival in the Gaza area on Saturday.

Schumer reposted the videos and caption from Israeli-born manager Guy Oseary, who also posted about the attacks. Below his caption, Schumer wrote, “Jewish people are the only group not allowed to defend themselves. This has nothing to do with the occupation.”

The “I Feel Pretty” actress ranted in her caption about how the terrorist group is only trying to destroy Israel and its peace deal. She added, “Hamas don’t want an end to occupation. They want to eradicate Israel. They’re funded by Iran, trying to destroy the peace deal.”

Guy Oseary Says He Has ‘No Words’ ‘Only Heartbreak’

Guy Oseary

The original post of Schumer’s videos was from Oseary, who wrote about Hamas encouraging gun and weapon violence. He explicitly condemned the attack and how the Iranian government promotes violence and terrorism in Israel. 

His caption read, “This is horrific.. these murders are being celebrated by the government/regime in Iran. Many women, children, and elderly are being taken from their homes and kidnapped. I have always prayed for peace. ALWAYS. I have always spoken up for my Jewish community and have also spoken up for my Arab brothers and sisters. I have no words today. Only heartbreak. Only tears.” 

Schumer wasn’t the only celebrity to repost Oseary’s words and show their support for Israel. “Everything Everywhere All At Once” star Jamie Lee Curtis also made her post and captioned it, “My hands in yours.” The actress also posted a photo of a group of scared children with the caption, “Terror skies.”

Gal Gadot Speaks Out In Support Of Israel

Gal Gadot at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

“Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot is another prominent figure who has posted their support for Israel. On her Instagram page, Gadot shared a news clip stating that Hamas militants had kidnapped multiple Israeli civilians and soldiers during the attack. 

The caption read, “Starting early morning more than 3,000 rockets were fire. Hamas is holding hostages, controlling bases and settlements in Israel. There have been more than 1,500 injured and heavy fighting is still ongoing. ‘I hear their voices and they are banging on the door. I am with my two little children.’ My heart is aching.” 

Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman also took to Twitter to condemn the attacks and post about her family living in Israel. She wrote, “They protested for months, fighting for a two-state solution. Israelis are made up of Jews and Arabs – of all colors. It’s such a complex situation. But make no mistake – Hamas is a terrorist organization whose main goal is to kill all the Jews. This world breaks my heart.”

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