Amy Schumer calls out celebrities for lying about using Ozempic

Amy Schumer she blasted the other stars for hiding them Ozempic drug use and encouraged them to be transparent.

She recently shared her encounter with Ozempik, expressing that it made her feel bad and prevented her from playing with her son.

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Amy Schumer admits she used Ozempic to lose weight

Amy Schumer

During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen, Amy Schumer expressed her strong opinion about celebrities who hide their use of the weight loss drug Ozempic. The 42-year-old actress urged the stars to “just stop hiding” and be transparent about their addiction to diabetes medication.

In addition to criticizing her fellow celebrities, Schumer shared her experiences with Ozempike. The ‘Robbed’ actress revealed the drug left her ‘skinny’ and ‘sick’, preventing her from having playtime with her three-year-old son Gene.

Amy Schumer was seen with her son Gene David Fischer while she was holding New York life-enhancing Beth apos during a break from filming.

Based on Daily Mail, Schumer emphasized the importance of authenticity and openness: “On Ozempic, you’re either one or you’ve done the work. Just stop (Hidden use of type II diabetes medication.). Be honest with people. When I got the lip, I said I got the lip.

The comedian admitted that he tried Ozempic about a year ago and initially noticed immediate results. However, he found the side effects unbearable and unsuitable as a weight loss solution. “I was one of those people who felt bad and couldn’t play with my son,” Schumer shared. “I was so skinny and he threw a ball at me and (I couldn’t).”

Before Schumer, several other stars shared their Ozempic stories, some lamenting while others defended the drug.

Chelsea Handler says she unknowingly injected herself with Ozempic

Chelsea Handler at the Hollywood premiere of 'Atomic Blonde'

During the January 2023 episodeCall his father” podcast, comedian Chelsea Handler made an unexpected revelation about the careless use of weight-loss drugs. Handler revealed that her anti-aging doctor prescribed her a substance called Semaglutide, which is essentially another name for Ozempic.

According to Handler, her doctor informed her that the drug is good for losing a few pounds. Handler only became suspicious when a friend mentioned she was on Ozempic and experiencing nausea.

Chelsea Handler at the 2022 amfAR Gala in Los Angeles

“I came back from a vacation and I injected myself,” Handler recalled. “A few days later, I went to lunch with a girlfriend and she said, ‘I’m not eating anything. I feel so nauseous; I’m on Ozempic. I said, “I feel nauseous too.” But I just got back from Spain and I thought I missed it. I was there about a month ago. White privilege.”

After Handler learned the true nature of the recipe, she revealed that she stopped using it. However, the comedian admitted that she still has medication in her house.

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi recommends Ozempic as an “easy way” to lose weight

Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi, the reality TV personality known for her role in ‘Shahs of Sunset’, recently updated her fans on her ‘weight loss journey’ using the diabetes drug Ozempic.

When Gharachedaghi first disclosed his use of Ozempic in February, he was met with fierce criticism from some quarters. However, the girl was not deterred and continued the injections.

A recent one Instagram Gharachedaghi shared that at the end of April, he decided to reduce the number of Ozempic treatments. That decision came after he realized he had lost significantly more weight than expected, from 138 pounds to 111 pounds. In the post, the reality star defiantly told critics to “kiss my ribs b**ch”. He confirmed his belief that Ozempic is an “easy way” to shed unwanted fat.

Kyle Richards denies using the popular diet

Kyle Richards appreciates a fan for pushing back on comments about her body
Instagram | Kyle Richards

In January 2023, Kyle Richards was accused of using the diabetes drug Ozempic. The speculation came after “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star posted a picture on social media showing her well-defined abs in a swimsuit.

Responding to the rumours, Richards took to social media to sharply address the speculation. She commented The sixth page An Instagram post that flatly states, “I am NOT taking Ozempic. Never.”

Kyle Richards basks in the sun in her bikini.
Instagram | Kyle Richards

He also responded to another Instagram user, claiming, “I’ve never tried Ozempic and it’s not from plastic surgery. I had a breast reduction in May. I am honest about what I do. But if credit for plastic surgery makes you feel better, skip it, sister.

Ozempic has emerged as a controversial method of weight loss, sparking a heated debate between those who support its use as a viable slimming tool and those who believe it should be reserved for individuals with a medical need.

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