Amy Robach revealed her marital troubles to TJ Holmes before the relationship

Before their affair began, TJ Holmes it was supposed to be Amy Robachconfidant about her marital troubles with Andrew Shue. Their romance was made public in November 2022, while Robach and Holmes were still married.

Shortly after the scandal, the ABC network suspended and eventually fired the couple from their positions as hosts of “Good Morning America.” Marilee Fiebig, Holmes’ ex-wife, and Shue did not take well to the case, especially because of how messy and public it was.

Friends of Robach and Holmes believe the couple will be engaged soon because they have a “strong bond.” The couple reportedly talked a lot about their future together, but they are in no rush.

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Amy Robach opened up about her marital problems to TJ Holmes

Amy Robach
Instagram / Amy Robach

The source was revealed Us Weekly that TJ Holmes used to be Amy Robach’s confidant in her marriage issues with Andrew Shue. They noted that the former staff were “very close” and said: “When Amy had issues with Andrew between 2020 and 2022, she spoke to TJ in confidence.”

Robach and Shue were having issues at the time, and the source said “Andrew was not supportive at all” of his wife. They shared an example of when Robach started a four-marathon challenge in 2022, which Shue showed no interest in doing. But Holmes was there for Robach, supporting him.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are running
Instagram / Amy Robach

The insider shared that Robach and Holmes’ experience together during this time when Shue showed no interest in her activities “strengthened their bond,” which eventually led to the affair. It was noted that when Holmes is around Robach, he is “always terrified” of him, and it’s obvious to everyone.

The workplace affair of Amy Robach and TJ Holmes

Amy Robach smiling with TJ Holmes
Instagram / Amy Robach

Holmes and Robach’s relationship came into the spotlight in November 2022 after photos of them appearing very close to each other surfaced online. Daily Mail. At the time, the former “GMA3” co-hosts were still married to their partners.

ABC temporarily replaced Holmes and Robach on their morning show when the case turned into a social media scandal. However, by January 2023, the network confirmed that the couple had been fired from their jobs.

In the same month that the affair broke up, Holmes confirmed that he had filed for divorce from Marilee Fiebig, to whom he had been married for 12 years. The former couple had a daughter, Sabine, but Holmes already had two children, Brianna and Jaiden, another with ex-wife Amy Ferson.

Their estranged spouses did not take the matter well

Amy Robach, TJ Holmes start their romance in full swing

Like her love, Holmes, Robach is in the process of divorcing her estranged husband, Shue. The couple has been married since 2010, and Robach is stepmother to his three sons. She also had two daughters, Analise and Ava, with her ex-husband, Tim McIntosh.

A source said in February Us Weekly that Shue is “having a hard time with Robach’s new relationship because it was all so messy.” Similarly, Fiebig is upset by the news and “remains disappointed by (TJ’s) lack of discretion and lack of respect for her and their marriage.”

Amy Robach, TJ Holmes start their romance in full swing

Another source shared with the news outlet that Fiebig is upset about how public Holmes and Robach have been since the affair became public. They said: “He feels disrespected because (TJ and Amy) are on top of each other in the photos and he’s hurt because he sees that it’s real and now he knows he’s not going to make up with her.”

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are likely to get engaged soon

Amy Robach, TJ Holmes start their romance in full swing

Based on Us Weekly, Holmes and Robach’s future may soon include an engagement ring as the couple’s relationship continues to grow stronger. A source told the publication: “The friends feel they are about to get engaged because they were friends long before they fell in love. Their bond is strong.”

The insider revealed that Holmes and Robach have “talked” a lot about their future together. The possibility of “moving in together and getting engaged” was said to have been discussed. However, the ex-colleagues are not in a hurry with their relationship, and they still have to settle their divorce.

In the meantime, Robach and Holmes plan to return to TV. The pair reportedly floated an idea for what would be a joint effort between media giants like CBS and NBC.

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