Amy Robach and TJ Holmes turn the spotlight on “Ellen” producers

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are trying to get the “Ellen” producers to support their planned show. The duo reportedly went up to the showrunners and tried to convince them that their chemistry would help sell the show.

Reportedly, the pair could soon run out of money after being fired from ABC, which is partly why they are aggressively looking for sponsors.

Their first official couple recently appeared at a memorial service and are expected to run a half marathon in New York on Sunday.

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“They sell their chemistry”

Amy Robach smiling with TJ Holmes
Instagram / Amy Robach

Robach and Holmes are planning their own show and have reportedly been in talks with the producers behind The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

A source shared Page six that the couple “welcomes continued coverage of their romance” in hopes of landing them a hot TV deal.

“It’s easier for them to get a show if they stay in the news and think they’re rock stars. They sell their chemistry,” the insider told the news outlet.

The source also noted that the duo is using this approach because it worked for them while anchoring at ABC.

Their chemistry was even commented on by the network’s showrunners before the duo was eventually fired due to their media firestorm.

“They totally think their chemistry would sell because they sold it at ABC,” the insider added.

Are Amy Robach and TJ Holmes broke?

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes give the thumbs up
Instagram / Amy Robach

Grayling Page sixanother source shared insight into why the duo is pushing for the show, hinting that they need new jobs before spending through their reserve fund.

“Whatever deal they got from ABC is not going to sustain them,” the insider said of the pair, who reportedly received a huge payout from the network upon their termination.

While Robach and Holmes continue to seek sponsors for their planned show, it will take time before they can run a New York half marathon again.

According to reports, the couple will be among the first people to set off when the event starts early on Sunday morning. They attended the same event last year and reportedly started dating each other back then.

However, a source close to the couple denied the claim when the duo’s affair hit the headlines.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes’ first outing as a couple

Amy Robach, TJ Holmes start their romance in full swing

Robach and Holmes’ participation in the marathon comes after the pair attended Howard Bagman’s memorial service.

Bragman was a crisis PR expert and activist, best known for her work with LGBTQ celebrities who are publicly disclosing their sexuality. He also served as a consultant to ABC News, where Holmes and Robach once appeared as co-hosts on “Good Morning America.”

“I couldn’t believe it was them! I didn’t even know they were in Los Angeles,” a source said at the ceremony Page six.

The source added: “They looked like… they weren’t inappropriate but she was in this really short wrap dress and they looked like this hot couple. There was no shame in their game,” the source said.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes love to flaunt their love

Amy Robach
Instagram / Amy Robach

Since being fired from ABC, Robach and Holmes have spent some of their time fanning the flames of their romance even in public.

The couple recently vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a few days and enjoyed the resort’s amenities, including trips to the beach.

During the trips, they used steamy PDA several times, as pictures depicting the duo’s lips on the beach and in a bar while making out made headlines.

Even back home in New York, the duo was seen walking the streets hand in hand.

Although they have not yet revealed whether they plan to make their relationship permanent, this could be the next step in their love life once their split from their previous partners becomes final.

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