Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hold has reportedly been extended

Amanda Bynes he is said to remain on psychiatric hold for another week while doctors work on his medication. After several breakdowns, she was allowed back in, which left Bynes’ friends and family extremely worried.

In April, the actress was released from a facility she entered after roaming the streets. The former actress was placed under conservatorship by her mother in 2013, and was released in March 2022.

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Doctors have extended Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric stay

Amanda Bynes' conservatory has been officially extended until 2023

Based on TMZ, Amanda Bynes’ doctors have extended her psychiatric stay for at least a week while they work on her medication. The actress entered the warehouse a few months after being released from a three-week stint in a mental health facility.

The actress’ recent “repeated failure cycle” has worried her friends and family. The family told the news outlet that Bynes is fine when she takes the medication regularly, but begins to spiral when she stops using the drug.

While Bynes was under the conservatorship of her mother, Lynn, she was required to take her medication regularly and had little mental breakdown. But now that she’s legally free, Bynes is solely responsible for taking the drugs.

Amanda Bynes called the police on her

Amanda Bynes was not inspired by Britney Spears
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A source a TMZ revealed how Bynes was taken into custody for a mental health evaluation. It has been claimed that the ‘What A Girl Wants’ star called the police on himself when he called 911 to report a woman in distress.

Bynes was arrested outside her home after police responded to her 911 call. After her medical examination at the station, the actress was found to be a “danger to herself and others” and was immediately placed in psychiatric custody.

Witnesses to the arrest said Bynes was very calm as police spoke to him. However, the news station was told that that he looked very “defeated by the way they dealt with him” and led him into the police car.

He was recently placed in a facility

Amanda Bynes

Just a few months ago, Bynes was being watched in a mental health facility for wandering the streets naked. According to eyewitness accounts, the trial The explosionthe actress talked to several people on the road and even called 911 to get help.

Bynes reportedly called a cab and told the driver she was having a psychotic episode. Upon arriving at the police station, the actress was placed under psychiatric custody for 72 hours, which was then extended while her doctors prepared a treatment plan.

After about three weeks, Bynes and facility staff determined that the woman was no longer a danger to herself. He reportedly felt ready to return to everyday life and entered an outpatient treatment program.

A source said Daily Mail“To Amanda’s credit, she left the medical facility. He was very cooperative and involved in his recovery. The staff supported his decision to leave as he completed the treatment programme.”

Amanda Bynes has been advised to stay away from her ex-fiancé

Amanda Bynes

Bynes was under the conservatorship for nine years, which ran from 2013 to 2022. TMZ According to reports, the actress’ parents do not want another conservatory, as she had already become independent long before her mental breakdown in March.

The source was revealed Daily Mail that Bynes has been advised by doctors to “distance” herself from her ex-fiancé, Paul Michael. They explained that Bynes’ friends and family are convinced that the former couple’s breakup played a significant role in the meltdown. They also believe that Michael is “not a healthy and safe person to be”.

According to the insider, Bynes and Michael were very “codependent, and the latter part of their relationship was toxic, due in part to the fact that they met in rehab.” The former couple first got engaged in February 2020 and split about three weeks later. Bynes later announced that she was pregnant, but her lawyer confirmed that this was fake news.

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