Allison Holker remembers her late husband as a ‘witch’ on Father’s Day

Chief Allison Holker shared her respect for her late husband, Chief Stephen “tWitch”., on the occasion of the Father’s Day celebration. After his interview at the end of last month, where he reflected on life after his death.

The couple, who married in 2013, first met on the popular dance reality show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. Stephen’s death was recently ruled a suicide and he was buried in a private ceremony in Los Angeles.

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“We love you Stephen forever and always”

Allison Holker's boss pays tribute to her late husband 'witch' on Father's Day: 'We love you Stephen forever and always'
Instagram | Allison Holker

Taken away InstagramAllison paid tribute to her late husband Stephen after he died by suicide late last year.

The mother-of-three posted a black-and-white throwback photo of their family to celebrate Father’s Day. Alongside the picture, she shared a caption that suggested the family was still deeply grieving the loss.

“We love you forever and always Stephen,” wrote Allison, who welcomed two children, Maddox Laurel and Zaia, with the late Ellen DeGeneres Show producer. He was also the stepfather of Stephen Holker’s daughter, Weslie Fowler, from a previous relationship.

In the comments section, fans also joined in the tributes to Stephen, acknowledging the impact he still had in his life.

“Heavenly Father’s Day. He is still inspired here. We will celebrate him now and always,” one fan wrote. Another said: “She looks at all of you and is SO proud of each of you!”

Allison Holker talks life after Stephen ‘twitch’ Boss

The Boss family
Instagram | Allison Holker

Allison’s tribute came after she opened up about her life since her husband’s death.

is talking to People magazine, she shared that she misses the “simple moments” with him, like cooking dinner together and “so many random conversations.”

“Our love was so real and so loud. We always told people that our house is like a choreographed dance,” said the dancer about her relationship with István.

Reflecting on her late husband, Allison shared that “nobody had any idea he was short,” which made his death difficult.


“It was very difficult because I don’t understand what happened at that moment (he died),” she added of Stephen.

Even though she’s still reeling from a myriad of emotions since his death, Allison said she’s determined to make sure his legacy lives on.

“Stephen brought so much joy to this world and deserves to be remembered for the beautiful man he was,” she continued.

Allison Holker recently started a Mental Health Foundation


Steps she has taken to remember István include starting the Move With Kindness Foundation.

The aim of the NGO is to help people with mental problems to overcome their challenges.

“We always hear that you reach out to the strongest people, and I believe that. But I also want the message to be that if you’re feeling down or depressed, it’s okay to lean on someone else,” Allison said of the work the foundation does.

He added: “Trust that people will see you as a light even in your darkest moments.”

Allison also admitted that a lot has changed in her life since Stephen’s death. For one thing, he used the practice of “cold immersion” at night to help him manage the tension. She’s cultivating a new relationship with her children “that requires trust and being really vulnerable.”

Allison Holker says she’s not ready to return to dancing

Allison Holker and tWitch Netflix's 'Velvet Buzzsaw' Premiere

Allison and Stephen first met in 2010 when they were All-Stars on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance. They married three years later and Stephen also adopted Weslie, Allison’s daughter from a previous relationship.

While Allison is much better off since losing her husband, the mother of three has yet to return to dancing, a passion she shared with her husband.

“Dancing with him was so special,” she said, “I’ve never danced before. It’s going to be a big step for me, but I know I’ll get there. He guides me on this journey.”

Late last month, an autopsy report confirmed that Stephen’s death was not foul play and was indeed a suicide. The explosion. He was laid to rest on January 4, 2023 at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

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