Alicia Keys says ‘the passage of time’ saved her marriage

Alicia Keys has been happily married to Kasseem Daoud David, professionally known as Swizz Beatz, for over a decade, and it looks like there’s a secret behind their blissful relationship.

Fans are aware that the two-boy couple have been going strong since 2010, and now Keys is revealing how they manage to keep it going despite the typical challenges that come with marriage.

Alicia Keys says that “cutting time” kept her marriage fruitful for 12 years

Conversation a Wall Street Journal, Keys dropped hints about how she and her old partner worked together despite their marriage’s busy careers. “We really make time for each other,” she said. “We all struggle with it. There is a lot of balance. There is so much to do.”

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys at the 2019 Grammy Awards

The brilliant pianist continued: “You get to run and do everything for school and for the kids and do everything for your lists and your career dreams and your next steps.”

She believed that the time one spends with one’s partner is “so priceless” and that taking time out and making it as important as “everyday things” reflects positively on the relationship.

“You remember why you’re in love,” she explained. “You remember why you love each other, what is interesting about each other.

Keys and Beatz first met at the ages of 14 and 16, respectively, after being introduced by a mutual high school friend. THEAt the time, the “Fallin'” singer was not romantically interested in the rapper, and that remained the case for years to come.

According to her autobiography ‘More Myself’, the duo were in the same circle and ended up at many award shows and events. However, Keys still wanted nothing to do with the record producer.

He wrote: “Usually he drove up in some fancy car, with his Bronx crew and glittering diamonds. I wanted nothing to do with that scene or Swizz.”

However, things began to change when the New York natives became involved in a musical project years later that led the “Diary” singer to realize that Beatz had a deeper influence.

Alicia Keys

“The more we talked, the more I noticed how his mind works,” she admitted. “Beyond the baggy jeans and the bracelet, there was depth. He was so aware of what was going on in the world.”

The pair eventually developed a cordial relationship before becoming romantically involved, which led to Beatz proposing in 2010 and tying the knot in Corsica that same year.

Meanwhile, this year marks their 13th wedding anniversary, which fans will be celebrating in style similar to last year’s milestone. Like The Blast To celebrate the lovebirds’ 12th wedding anniversary, Keys took to Instagram to step back in time with a series of beautiful black-and-white photos. about their wedding ceremony.

In the caption, he celebrated their love with heart-warming words, starting: “This is the day we got married! Look at these cute cakes!! We still have the same stars in our eyes and it just keeps getting better!!!!”

The 42-year-old added more loving comments, indicating that the pair love each other with ‘open arms’ and ‘open hearts’ and are growing together despite their ‘different paths and directions’.

After describing them as “best friends,” Keys concluded: “There is NOTHING more precious than that! I wait for you every day! Forever.”

The founder of Keep A Child Alive was celebrated by her loving husband on her 42nd birthday

Alicia Keys at the Met Gala

Earlier this year, Keys celebrated her 42nd birthday with none other than her husband and his swooningly romantic gesture in the form of music. The renowned producer posted a mashup video on Instagram with the celebratory vibe to some of the songs playing in the background, including Frank Ocean’s “Chanel,” Sir “D’Evils,” and Bhad Bhabie’s “Hi Bich.”

Beatz didn’t stop there, adding a sweet tribute with the caption: “It’s a real goddess birthday @aliciakeys we love you beyond the zone you are a gift to this world #FACTS #BoldogAliciaDay.”

The founder of Full Surface Records dropped another music video in which Marv MIlly dedicated his song to his wife. The track included remixes of some of Keys’ biggest hits, as well as a rap verse about her.

Beatz then took to the caption to wish his lady a happy birthday and “many, many more years of greatness and epic blessings.”

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