Alexa Nikolas Protests Zoey 101 Reboot, Says It Upsets Survivors

Nickelodeon alum Alexa Nikolas recently called out the producers of the “Zoey 101” reboot, claiming that the new show is only at the detriment of survivors. The actress previously played Nicole Bristol on Nickelodeon’s ‘Zoey 101’, and years later appeared in films such as ‘Hidden Hills’, ‘That’s Life’, The Walking Dead and ‘Revelations’.

Nikolas has been open about his alleged abuse during the show for years. According to the actress, in one of the incidents, a then-pregnant Britney Spears screamed at her. Britney is the sister of Jamie Lynn Spears, who played the main character of Zoey 101.

As the reboot is currently in production with a late 2023 release date, Nikolas objected. The actress claimed that the show had caused too much harm to people to consider a reboot.

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Alexa Nikolas is protesting the Zoey 101 reboot

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comment TMZNikolas revealed that he was traumatized while making Zoey 101. He joined a group outside Nickelodeon’s headquarters in Burbank to protest the upcoming remake. Nikolas also expressed his feelings about his former co-stars agreeing to star in the reboot.

Nikolas shared some displeasure with the show’s cast, claiming they were supporting a network that apparently contributed to his childhood trauma.

According to Nikolas, the fact that the studio even produced a reboot shows that they are ignoring the group of people who have spoken out about the alleged abuse they suffered. He also said it sent the wrong message to abuse survivors around the world about the studio.

Alexa Nikolas hopes her old co-stars will protest the reboot

Alexa Nikolas
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The Disney alum also revealed that he hopes his old co-stars will join him in protesting the reboot. If they couldn’t contribute like that, he wants them to at least support him for his bravery. Nikolas hopes that eventually the show’s survivors will become advocates and demand safer working conditions.

For years, Nikolas has been outspoken about the alleged abuse he suffered at the hands of Nickelodeon executives. According to the actress, when she was only 18, she was forced to drink alcohol and received an unwanted massage from a higher-up. He also said he was offered hush money to cover it up.

Nikolas previously revealed an incident that happened on the show when Britney, Jamie’s sister, yelled at him. While the artist has since apologized, Nikolas said Nickelodeon has not yet. “He apologized to me personally,” the actress said. – Britney Spears actually apologized, but Nickelodeon didn’t. Isn’t it funny? Yes, Britney Spears apologized, not Nickelodeon.

Jamie Lynn Spears returns to Zoey 101

Jamie Lynn Spears arrives at the 2016 Country Music Awards

Earlier this month, Paramount+ revealed that Zoey 101 star Jamie would be joining the rest of the cast in the reboot. The show is currently called “Zoey 102” and is produced in North Carolina. Along with Jamie, several of the original cast members are touring Pacific Coast Academy after more than a decade away.

Among them are Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews), Erin Sanders (Quinn Pensky), Abby Wilde (Stacey Dillsen), Jack Salvatore (Mark Del Figgalo), Christopher Massey (Michael Barret) and Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese).

In a statement, Jamie said per TVLine, “I’m so excited to be back with my PCA family and continue Zoey’s story and the characters that fans know and love. As an executive producer, it has been an exciting opportunity to work with such incredible talent as well as Paramount+ and Nickelodeon.”

The ‘Zoey 101’ Reboot is coming out this year

Jamie Lynn Spears directs Zoey 102

In addition to Nikolas, “Elvis” star Austin Butler will not be part of the “Zoey 101” reboot. The actor played one of the regulars, James Garrett, in the series and appeared in several episodes until it was discontinued in 2008. The reboot takes place in the present day, nearly two decades after the series’ 2005 reboot.

The entire cast, minus Jamie, Butler and Nikolas, reunited in Los Angeles in 2019 and posted a clip of themselves. In the video, they all tell Jamie they miss him before breaking into the Zoey 101 theme song. They said, “We miss you; I wish you were here.”

Jamie shared the video of it Instagram page with the caption: “Not only did I miss the meeting, but I also missed FaceTime because I’m lame and fell asleep. thank you all for the video and I hope to see you soon.”

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