Alex Murdaugh Held in a cell for fear of murder

Alex Murdaugh he is held in a single cell for fear of becoming one was attacked and he was probably murdered because he was a murderer.

Alex Murdaugh is under protective custody in prison

Alex Murdaugh shaved his head in the new booking photo

Murdaught is being held in the most secure section of a South Carolina prison because. The fear of other inmates trying to kill him, specifically because of the notoriety that comes with his case.

The inmates apparently want to take him down because of his notoriety. He is currently serving two consecutive life sentences for the murders of his wife Maggie and son Paul, who was just 22 at the time.

Murdaugh is currently serving time behind bars at the Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia. The South Carolina Department of Corrections spoke to TMZ, where they acknowledged that the notoriety of the case put Murdaught at risk of attack.

So right now, yes, it’s mostly kept away from the general public.

Alex Murdaugh concrete cell

Alex Murdaugh: The Jury Verdict Who Shot His Wife and Son
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According to the description of the cell, it is made of concrete. The plush amenities include a steel bed, toilet and sink, everything anyone could need. Unfortunately, Murdaugh is used to a little more luxury than this.

The disgraced lawyer lived on an estate and owned the largest law firm in his town, drove luxury cars, literally got away with fraud and murder, and allegedly helped his children, the deceased Paul and Buster Murdaugh, get away with crimes that were alleged murders.

He is now in a small room for the rest of his life and is not even allowed to eat with gen pop, his food is taken to his cell where he eats alone. Fortunately for Murdaugh, he will only be in Kirkland for 45 days while his final appointment is decided.

Alex Murdaugh is moving out in 45 days

Buster Murdaugh
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Where the former attorney will be moved has yet to be decided, but wherever he goes, he’s expected to interact with residents, including eating at the cafeteria and spending time outside for a game of pickup basketball. loves.

If they threaten Murdaugh, he will be locked up during his new assignment. Currently, Murdaugh has an escort when he leaves his cell, but TMZ he realized he could have more fun in his cell than from there. Murdaugh has a TV in his cell and can call his friends and family as long as he has money and probably his brother and maybe his surviving son to help him.

Meanwhile, Buster, 26, was forced to file a police report with local authorities when a photograph of him at his home appeared in the New York Post. It was said to have been taken through the blinds, which meant someone was on his property.

Buster and his girlfriend also claimed that someone from the “media” was following them in a gray Chevrolet SUV and later saw the same car on their Ring doorbell camera.

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