Alec Baldwin, Mickey Rourke and Nick Cannon lead the Hollywood heist

Tara Reid also stars in the true-life meta crime comedy.

Alec Baldwin has confirmed that he will star alongside controversial Hollywood members in the upcoming meta-comedy ‘Hollywood Heist’.

Just a day after Baldwin was dropped for the fatal “Rust” shoot of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, the Oscar winner announced that he will play a fictional version of himself opposite Nick Cannon, Mickey Rourke and Tara Reid.

“Hollywood Heist” is the directorial debut of Mike Hatton and follows a power agent (Cannon) who tries to land an actor (Baldwin) by telling him that a movie producer (Hatton) and washed-up actor (Paul Sloan) are trying to save the their production after their bank account was robbed. It is considered a “meta” film inspired by true events, per Deadline, Baldwin, Rourke and Reid play exaggerated versions of themselves. The real producer Asko Akopyan is played by actor Arman Nshanian.

Production took place in Mallorca, Spain and Las Vegas, Nevada, with principal photography wrapping up in Los Angeles in early April.

Director Hatton wrote the screenplay and is producing under the Ton of Hats banner with producer Akopyan producing for Oscar Gold Productions. Both banners financed the film. Actor Cannon serves as executive producer for Ncredible Entertainment. Kimberly Hines also serves as executive producer.

“Hollywood Heist” is a de facto cultural casting craze, and Cannon has sparked controversy in 2020 with anti-Semitic comments. The “Masked Singer” host was briefly fired from ViacomCBS for “hate speech.” The father of 12 children reported on the experience in March 2023 and said in an interview AllHipHop, “This process was a moment of growth for me as a man on many levels. We can sit here and be angry, but if we don’t come together, what are we really doing if we can’t even learn from each other? And obviously we all know the issues, we all know the tropes, we all know the stereotypes. I truly put my money where my mouth is and my energy where my heart is. To me, this situation says, “Okay, I’m done talking. Everyone should speak. Let’s figure it out, let’s solve it. What’s wrong?”

Starring Rourke made headlines praise Director Roman Polanski on the set of ‘The Palace’.

“At the end of the day, it’s a great pleasure to work with the legendary and talented Roman Polanski again. I feel it is a great privilege to work with such a director, that his film is so honest, stylish, classy and unpredictable,” wrote Rourke. “You know, with a man who has been in the film industry for almost 60 years, you can always learn something new. I don’t usually talk to most directors, but Roman Polanski is not just another director. God bless the man, I can’t wait to do another film with him.”

Polanski was arrested for raping a 13-year-old girl and accused of several other sexual assaults.

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