‘Air’ Super Bowl Trailer: Watch Ben Affleck’s Nike Drama

Affleck’s first directorial venture since “Live by Night” hits theaters on April 5.


Amazon Studios

On the biggest sports day of the year, fans can revisit what will be the biggest sports movie of the year. Just a week after releasing the first trailer for “Air,” Ben Affleck’s new drama about Nike’s attempt to sign Michael Jordan, Amazon Studios has unveiled a new 60-second spot for Super Bowl LVII. in a commercial broadcast under The company reportedly spent $7 million on the airtime, which many interpreted as another vote of confidence in the film’s quality.

“Air” is Ben Affleck’s first film as a director since 2016’s “Alive by Night.” In addition to directing, he also stars alongside Matt Damon, Viola Davis, Jason Bateman and Marlon Wayans. It is the first film produced by Affleck and Damon’s new production company, Artists Equity. The film will have the widest theatrical release of any film produced by Amazon Studios when it opens on more than 3,000 screens across America this spring.

“Matt and I are very excited for audiences to see ‘Air,’ and we’re proud that it’s Artists Equity’s first release,” Affleck said earlier in a statement announcing the film’s theatrical release. “The film was an extraordinary experience in which we were privileged to work with the best cast and crew in the business, all of whom brought passion, tenacity and creativity to the joint effort to recreate a remarkable and aspirational story. I appreciate Jen Salke’s belief in us being able to realize and deliver a film we’re proud of, and her and Sue Kroll’s incredible, ongoing support of the film. Amazon Studios, Skydance and Mandalay were all critical in making this happen and the film would not have been possible without them. We appreciate the steps each of them took to make this happen, and we want to thank them. It was the best creative and personal experience of our lives, and we look forward to many more.”

Amazon Studios will release “Air” in theaters on Friday, April 5, before making it available on Prime Video. Watch the Super Bowl spot below.


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