Addison Timlin is splitting from Shameless star Jeremy Allen White

Addison Timlin terminates her marriage Jeremy Allen White after only three years.

The famous Rockabilly couple is breaking up

Addison Timlin has pulled the plug on her marriage to 'The Bear' star
Instagram/Addison Timlin

Timlin and White shared the news of their marriage three short years ago with a sentimental post on Instagram, capping off a year of great things, including the birth of their first daughter. Obviously, no one could have guessed that Timlin would pull out soon after.

While the two were only married for three years, they have been in a long-term relationship since 2013 after meeting on the set of “Afterschool” in 2008. They announced their first pregnancy in 2018 and tied the knot almost a year later in a ceremony complete with matching black leather jackets.

The back of the jackets reads “Til Death Buddy + Billy” which is a bit of a tragic reference since the two died in a fiery plane crash. Now their marriage is on fire. Yes.

Is Jeremy Allen White experiencing the Emmy curse?

Addison Timlin has pulled the plug on her marriage to 'The Bear' star
Instagram/Addison Timlin

Could White be experiencing a version of the Emmy curse? He won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor this year for the film Bear. He was emotional and thanked his wife, speaking kind words about her in front of millions of viewers.

“I love you deep in my bones. Thank you for everything you do, thank you for everything you’ve done,” a choked-up Timlin told the audience. That was four months ago and now fans are wondering what the hell happened in four months to file for divorce.

Timlin and White, who have two children together, were also emotional and happy that night, so it wasn’t like it was one-sided. She even took to social media to brag about her ex-husband’s victory and their first meeting.

“When we were 14 and I saw him perform for the first time in drama class. I couldn’t take my eyes off you,” he wrote. He added: “When I watched the pilot of The Bear, I cried. I guess somewhere I had to know how much life was going to change, but mostly I just knew that the world was about to discover what I knew all along. What a privilege it was to know for the first time.”

So how does this end?

Addison Timlin does not appear at the divorce hearing

Addison Timlin has pulled the plug on her marriage to 'The Bear' star
Instagram/Addison Timlin

The divorce papers obtained by The Blast don’t have much to do with it. Timlin did not list the reason for the separation and did not mention anything specific about the custody of their minor children, Ezer Billie, 4, and Dolores Wild, 2.

In an IG post, she described her ex as the love of her life. He’s her “best friend for 15 years, who happens to be the love of my life.” He also wrote. How wonderful their children are.

“We have the coolest kid in the world, who is revealing himself to be more and more of a real weirdo every day, just like his parents,” he said.

So far, neither of them has publicly mentioned anything about the divorce.

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