Adam Scott on Jennifer Garner Joining ‘Party Down’ Reboot

“He was so much fun, so cool and fun,” Scott said of his co-star. “I just loved working with him.”

When Starz canceled “Party Down” in 2010, fans of the cult comedy immediately began begging for more. The long-gestating reboot of the series took many possible forms over the past decade — a “Party Down” movie was written but ultimately scrapped — before Starz ordered six more episodes of the series.

In the new episodes, which began airing this weekend on Starz, most of the original show’s cast will reprise their roles in six new parties. Many fans were understandably disappointed by the absence of Lizzy Caplan, who was unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts, but plans to return in future seasons. But there are also some exciting new faces – including Jennifer Garner, who plays Henry Pollard’s new love, Evie Adler.

comment Entertainment Weekly“Party Down” star and executive producer Adam Scott recalled how the final casting in the series was achieved by landing Garner.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Jennifer and wanted to work with her and I’ve never even met her,” Scott said. “When we were talking about the character in Evie, Jennifer Garner was one of the people we thought of as ‘someone like Jennifer Garner’ – she is the epitome of who the character is, poised, sophisticated and extremely funny – but Never we didn’t think Jennifer Garner was someone who would be on “Party Down.”

The team eventually jumped at the chance and offered Garner the role, and was pleasantly surprised by how interested she was. But that excitement was quickly followed by the realization that the cast might need to be more professional on set when the four-time Emmy nominee is around.

“We’ve talked about it so much, so why don’t we throw it at him and when he leaves, we’ll figure out who’s actually going to play that role,” Scott said. “We didn’t know he liked ‘Party Down,’ and he said yes pretty quickly. It took us all by surprise and we realized, “Wow, we have to get our shit together, Jennifer Garner is going to be on set and we’re all idiots! Make sure everything is legit because a real pro is coming. But he was so fun and cool and fun, I just loved working with him.”

“Party Down” Season 3 premieres now on Starz streaming and on-demand platforms, with new episodes every week.

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