Adam McKay Introduced Darth Vader Spot Targeting Exxon – Watch

“You know who loves crimes that cause immeasurable suffering and destruction? Darth Vader,” McKay said of the “love letter to Exxon.”

Adam McKay takes aim at Exxon’s ‘crazy evil’ in new fake short film about climate change.

The “Don’t Look Up” director produced the Alice Park-helmed “A Love Letter to Exxon from Darth Vader.” “Long ago, in our own galaxy, ExxonMobil knew its product was destroying our planet,” the summary reads. “But instead of warning the public, they lied about the climate crisis to make trillions in profits. This is crazy evil. The kind of evil revered by the likes of Darth Vader. It’s like the (very real) friendship medal that Vladimir Putin gave former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for helping expand Russian oil and gas production and fuel their war machine.

McKay’s Hyperobject Industries banner is behind the Stop The Oil Profiteering (STOP) campaign short by Fossil Free Media, a nonprofit media lab that supports the fossil fuel divestment movement. The film is also produced by Staci Roberts-Steele and Anna Wenger.

Darth Vader says he stands by Exxon CEO Darren Woods and applauds Woods for “doing exactly what I would do,” citing Exxon’s decades of knowingly exacerbating the climate crisis.

“I’ve killed dozens of Jedi toddlers with my own hands and brought the entire galaxy into the grip of a dark regime of terror, but Exxon, this is some secret bonus level unlock cheat code, evil shit. pulled it,” Vader says in the video.

“Vader’s partnership with producer McKay marks the first time a high-ranking military official from the Galactic Empire has endorsed an American Big Oil company — giving Exxon a major boost amid intense scrutiny for record-breaking profits while uprooting families at the pump and destroys communities and the climate,” as states. “Vader, one of the few Exxon supporters not paid directly by campaign contributions or dark money, instead praised that record and promised to embrace the company’s CEO as time and space allowed.”

“Succession” producer McKay said: “In the late ’70s, Exxon committed the biggest crime in recorded history — exposing rock-solid science showing how fossil fuels are causing global warming to explode. And you know who likes crimes that cause immeasurable suffering and destruction? Darth Vader.”

McKay and point to a petition to the US Department of Justice and Attorney General’s Office that says “Oil and gas companies like ExxonMobil knew decades ago that their product was leading to catastrophic climate impacts. But instead of warning, billions of dollars have been spent to mislead the public and prevent the fight against climate change.”

McKay’s Hyperobject Industries previously released a viral fake Chevron ad decrying that oil companies are “murdering us every day.” McKay told IndieWire’s Eric Kohn that climate change is the “biggest threat in human history.”

Watch the short below.


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