Adam Brody in ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Backlash: We We We We We We We We We We Were a Body Bag

“The movie was directed by a woman, starring two women, written by an Oscar-winning screenwriter at the time, and instead they’re saying, ‘Let’s bury this whole thing. Don’t tell anyone that.”

Adam Brody isn’t letting the ‘Jennifer’s Body’ feud die down just yet.

Almost 15 years since the release of the 2009 film, Brody is calling attention to the poor marketing campaign surrounding the satirical high school horror film. “Jennifer’s Body” followed a queen bee (Megan Fox) whose friendship with her best friend (Amanda Seyfried) is tested after she takes part in a botched satanic sacrifice run by a local rocker (Brody) that begins devouring teenage boys. The film was written by “Juno” scribe Diablo Cody, directed by Karyn Kusama (“Yellowjackets”) and is now considered an iconic feminist horror film.

“Having such lukewarm reviews — and being a punching bag in a way — was shit,” Brody said. The independent. “It wasn’t my movie, so I didn’t take the brunt of it, but it still felt a little unfair.”

Brody continued, “(Marketing) couldn’t have missed the mark better. The film was a marketers’ dream, and then to see how they do it (with the poster)… It was part of “Goosebumps”, part of Maxim. It’s not even what she wears in the movie.”

The ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ star added: ‘The film was directed by a woman, starred two women and was written by an Oscar-winning screenwriter at the time, and instead they say, ‘Let’s bury all of this. Don’t tell anyone this. This is for those who love ‘Transformers’.

Director Kusama looked back on the 2018 teenage male-centric marketing campaign, saying, “I kept reminding everyone, ‘Guys, we can’t sell this movie to boys,’ and then go to the theater and expect one thing. and then seeing Megan Fox not actually taking her clothes off, but ripping out a guy’s guts and eating them. It was terrible at the time, but now I realize it’s obvious to the world.”

Lead actor Fox previously said that “Jennifer’s Body” never “really stood a chance” because of its “image at the time” following its “Transformers” fame.

“They were bashing me a little bit when the movie was coming out, it was an interesting parallel of shooting to the extreme heights of fame right before the movie came out, and then … it started to come down.” Fox said. “Then I immediately clashed with someone I worked with in the industry. This happened right when I was on the press tour for ‘Jennifer’s Body’. I think it all exploded at once. I think people definitely saw me as being negative, malicious, or just very shallow and selfish, if it could even be reduced and simplified to that.”

In 2022, she added: “I’ve never really felt in the feminist community, and I still think it’s tricky in a terrible way. Whatever I provoke in them, they can’t quite digest it. And it comes back to me as I get rejected for these reasons. And I just don’t think I would have been a very sympathetic victim.”

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