Actor Nicolas Cage claims he can recall his time in the womb

Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage recently made a surprising revelation, claiming that she still has fond memories of being a fetus in the womb.

The “Ghost Rider” star followed up on her claim, noting that her “baby brain” apparently took voices and sounds from outside the womb and attached a face to them.

The actor recently recounted a “dark” period when he was $6 million in debt due to a failed real estate investment.

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Nicolas Cage recounts his time in his mother’s womb

Nicolas Cage at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival - "Butcher crossing" Presentation

Known for his quirky personality and unique outlook on life, the ‘Renfield’ actor recently revealed some surprising details about his past experiences, including memories of being in the womb and always seeing faces in the dark.

During an appearance on an episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Cage, 59, claimed to have vivid memories of his time in his mother’s womb, including the activity of his brain at that age.

The actor answered the presenter’s question about what good memories he has from his earlier days.

“Let me think,” Per began Insider. “Listen, I know this sounds far-fetched and I don’t know if it’s real, but sometimes I think I can go back into the womb and I feel like I see faces in the dark or something.”

Cage added, “I know it sounds highly abstract, but it appears to have happened.”

Nicolas Cage explains the ‘dark’ faces he saw as a fetus

Nicolas Cage

Cage also discussed where he believed the faces in the dark came from, which he likened to a form of pareidolia. Colbert asked if the faces were with her in the womb before pointing out that her baby’s brain used external sounds and attached identities to them.

“Now that I’m out of the womb, I have to imagine that maybe the vocal vibrations resonated with me at that stage. This goes backwards. I do not know. That reminds me,” remarked the “National Treasure” actor.

She then jokingly shared that she vaguely remembers being “in utero,” but has had these thoughts before. Cage was also encouraged to share what happens to people when they die.

He said, “Oh, wow. Nobody knows; I do not know. They say electricity is forever. That the spark lasts longer. I like to think that whatever spark animates our body, if the body moves on, the spark will continue to escape. But who can really say whether this electricity has consciousness or not?

“Fans used to slap each other at airports”

Nicolas Cage signs for fans at the Independent Spirit Awards

At the New York premiere of Cage’s latest film, “Renfield,” the Academy Award winner revealed that he used to get slapped by fans at airports and considered it part of his job.

in his interview E.TCage revealed that the incident followed fans’ love of his 1987 romcom “Moonstruck,” where they apparently mimicked a line from his co-star Cher slapping his character.

“For the longest time, I was walking back to the airport from Moonstruck and people were just like, ‘Look up!’ from Moonstruck — the Cher “pop” (line) — and I got a few slaps,” he shared.

The ‘Face/Off’ actor’s revelation shocked his ‘Renfield’ co-star Nicholas Hoult, who exclaimed: ‘No, no!’

“Oh yes, I did. And that’s, you know, that’s part of the job,” Cage said, before adding, “I think maybe they think I’m setting them up for something. Who knows?”

Nicolas Cage recalls a time when he was $6 million in debt

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Cage recently recalled a difficult time when a failed investment left him $6 million in debt.

The actor appeared CBS News “60 Minutes,” where he revealed the problem stemmed from a failed real estate investment he made that collapsed.

“I invested too much in real estate. The real estate market crashed and I couldn’t leave in time. I paid it all back, but it was about $6 million. I never filed for bankruptcy,” he said.

The host whispered that it must have been a dark time for Cage, which he agreed with, saying: “It was dark for sure.

Cage explained that he worked his way out of the rot through intense work.

“Work has always been my guardian angel. It may not have been blue chip, but it still worked,” he noted.

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