According to Pam Anderson, Tommy Lee was upset about the ‘Baywatch’ kiss

While Pamela Anderson He won many fans with his role in “Baywatch”, a steamy scene in the action series caused serious drama on the set. The actress revealed that it was her husband at the time Tommy Lee she became jealous of a kiss she shared with David Chokachi.

Actor Chokachi played Anderson’s love interest on the show from 1989 to 2001. Looking back, she remembered not telling Lee about the kiss scene and how upset she was when she found out. While they later divorced in 1998, it wasn’t her only relationship with a very jealous partner.

Anderson’s second husband, Kid Rock, was just as much of a handful. The “Raw Justice” star is soon to release a memoir detailing her experiences with Lee.

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Pamela Anderson says ‘Baywatch’ kiss scene upset Tommy Lee


In a recent interview The guardian, Anderson talked about his relationship with the founding member of Mötley Crüe. He recalled that Lee was possessive and “so jealous.” However, she became concerned when it affected her acting career.

The “Pamela’s Garden of Eden” star said she goes to the set of “Baywatch” every day to spend some “wife time” with him. Anderson, who played lifeguard CJ Parker, added: “I thought it was love.”

However, her character had romantic feelings for fellow lifeguard Cody Madison (Chokachi), with whom she had to act out romantic scenes. After sharing a kiss with Chokachi in one scene, Lee flared up. Anderson, who admitted that he did not tell the drummer in advance, stated that he became very upset.

“He lost it. He threw my trailer on set and put his fist through a cupboard. I apologized for not telling him—I lied, as he put it—and I told him it wouldn’t happen again.” The outburst, which affected both Anderson’s career and mental health, eventually led to the couple’s divorce.

They divorced after three years

Actress and model Pamela Anderson wearing a gold dress attends the Animal Rights Foundation's 20th Anniversary Gala

After three years of marriage, Anderson and Lee divorced in 1998. Although there were other things that contributed to the breakup, filming drama and the drummer’s jealousy played a big role.

He recalled how he left Baywatch at the time, noting that he drove into a trailer and zoomed out. The actress plans to release a memoir, “Love Pamela,” and a documentary on Netflix, “Pamela: A Love Story,” in which she explains how jealous Lee was during their marriage.

He also said Guardian that Lee’s actions affected his mental health and caused him to consider ending his life. Anderson, who began drinking heavily, recalled sometimes thinking he “wanted it to be over.” The actress also revealed that Gerry, her younger brother, stood by her.

She scolded the metal band member for trying to ruin her sister’s career and life. While she later divorced Lee, they reconciled almost a decade later. Although Lee’s behavior affected her, she became romantically involved with several jealous men, including her second husband.

Pamela Anderson has dated other jealous men

Pamela Anderson

The “Scooby-Doo” actress revealed that her post-Lee relationships were filled with jealousy. Anderson revealed her toxic relationship with Kid Rock, whom she married in 2006. The singer was reportedly jealous of her gay best friend and photographer David LaChapelle as they hung out a lot.

She revealed that LaChapelle and her friend Daniel Lismore offered to marry her to save her from Rock. But Anderson refused: “I can’t do that to my mother. I can’t marry my best gay friends.”

While she and Kid Rock broke up later that year after four months of dating, several other men tried to date Anderson. He remembered that he did not return a call from John F. Kennedy Jr. because he was “shy.”

The star also recalled that actor Sylvester Stallone offered him the “No 1” position in his life. However, he refused, as it indicated that the “2.

Pamela Anderson is not ready for another relationship

Pamela Anderson returned to Instagram with fresh fashion

The ‘Playboy’ star is ready to focus on herself and shut out all the negative energy. While now spending time on Vancouver Island, Anderson revealed that she wants to step back from the dating scene for a while.

He commented on how “scary” dating was and how much he missed his friends. “I’m pretty sure I’ve been alone for at least a year…I haven’t been around my friends at all.” Although this was unusual, the actress admitted that it was good for her.

“The ability to be alone is the ability to love, right? But it will be good for me.” While Anderson will be spending more time alone, he’s looking forward to finally releasing the memoir and documentary and showing the world just how “human” he really is.

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