According to Nicholas Braun, filming “The Succession” was sad as hell

“It was a very difficult day, I said goodbye to everyone,” Braun recalled.

Nicholas Braun is open about being “made good-bye” to bid farewell to the “succession”.

Series creator and showrunner Jesse Armstrong announced in February 2023 that the upcoming fourth season will be the last of the hit HBO series.

“We’ve been waiting for it while we’ve been making the show, but you don’t believe it until Jesse says it,” Braun said. Fun tonight during the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards. “We’re all pretty angry.”

The ‘Cat Person’ actor continued: ‘I was sad as hell (on my last day). I graduated a few weeks ago and it was a really hard day saying goodbye to everyone. It was the greatest work experience of my life. So it’s very hard to say goodbye to these people.”

The fourth and final season of “Succession” concludes the battle between Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and his children, played by Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin and Alan Ruck, over the reins of Waystar Royco. Alexander Skarsgård reprises his role as tech visionary and potential Royco buyer Lukas Matsson, while Braun’s cousin Greg and Matthew McFayden’s Tom deepen their alliance.

Braun could only tease with the series finale: “The end is fire.”

“We’ve been doing it for over six years, so it’s been a long job. But it’s the best work I’ve ever done in my career,” Braun told IndieWire in January 2023 about playing Cousin Greg. “The show changed my life, I love it. I shot it yesterday, we’re deep into season four, it was so energetic and inspired, which I’m still doing. I love the writing, I love the actors. They’ve taken Greg on some amazing journeys and this season is a really nice journey for Greg. But something like this (“Cat Person”) is a wonderful thing to make. So I hope other good options come along. But I’ll do it as long as Jesse (Armstrong) wants me to.

Braun’s co-star Strong recently admitted that the final season will feel like a “death” as he replaces his iconic character, the man-child Kendall Roy. “When I was younger, I saw the future in the crosshairs. I don’t feel that anymore. There is a sense of “now what?” that I don’t know the answer, Strong said.

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