According to Matthew McConaughey, the stormy flight gave him a shock

Matthew McConaughey reveals the terrifying ordeal he went through on a flight!

The Texas heartthrob, known for his rugged good looks and southern charm, is an entertainer who has dominated the industry as one of his famous male leads. The actor is adored not only for his award-winning skills but also for his down-to-earth personality.

Last month, the Oscar winner had a scare while he and his wife, Camila Alves, were on a Lufthansa flight that suffered severe turbulence. After leaving us out of concern for her safety, the TV personality recently reflected on the nerve-wracking moment.

Matthew McConaughey reveals left passengers on stormy flight ‘shocked’

Matthew McConaughey at Illumination and Universal Pictures presents Illumination's: Sing 2

The latest episode from SiriusXMLet’s talk about the camera with Kelly Ripa” podcast featured a heart-to-heart with the “Interstellar” star. During their conversation, the 53-year-old spoke candidly about the Lufthansa flight that suddenly plummeted 4,000 meters after being hit by a wave of turbulence.

The TV personality recalled the terrifying moment: “Suspended disbelief. I mean zero gravity. Your red wine, your glass, and the plates that your food was on are all floating, floating, still just in the air.

The People’s Choice Award winner continued, “And if you look at it for a long time, which wasn’t that long — one, two, three, four (seconds) — then everything collapses,” noting that she was overwhelmed by the experience.

The “How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days” actor called the ordeal “scary as hell” and explained that he “100 percent felt” that no one could control such situations. Even in his anxiety, the performer’s first priority was not his safety, but that of his wife, Alves.

“My tray table was holding me back. I wasn’t wearing my seat belt and there was no warning right before it happened,” the Texas heartthrob revealed, stating that he “immediately reached over and made sure Camila was wearing her seat belt.”

Recounting the surreal incident, the father-of-three said: “(We) were holding hands, just saying, ‘OK, is this it? Is there another one coming? Another one has come,” adding that people reacted differently to the turbulence.

“It was strange. You hear people’s reactions. Some people ghosts listened. A few people burst out laughing. And it wasn’t like, “Oh, this is fun.” It was like “I got a shock,” the TV personality noted.

Matthew and his wife Camila Alves McConaughey

As for why the 53-year-old didn’t fall out of the terrifying situation, McConaughey explained that his pilot friend was traveling with the couple and reassured him of their safety.

During the turbulence, the TCA winner admitted that he wondered if the plane would survive the strong air currents when he heard the steel hitch. However, his co-pilot remained calm throughout the journey, comforting the Hollywood sensation that the structure would not sink.

“I said, ‘Can the plane handle this?’ And he said, “These things are so tested that, yes, don’t worry, the airplane is structurally capable of this.” That was such a relief,” the media personality exclaimed, telling the host that her friend had vowed to fly the plane if anything went wrong.

The SAG award winner’s wife shared her experience of the nerve-wracking flight

Before McConaughey broke his silence about the terrifying Lufthansa flight, his wife opened up about the ordeal in March. The Brazilian model shared her story with us Instagram, drop video from the machine.

The footage captures the damage to the plane after the pilot makes an emergency landing at Dulles International Airport in Virginia. Food, napkins and plastic containers were lying in the passageway in the clip.

“During the flight last night, the plane fell almost 4,000 meters, seven people went to the hospital, everything flew everywhere,” Alves began his caption. “To respect the privacy of those around me, I’m only showing this much, but the plane was CHAOS. And the turbulence keeps coming.”

The mother of three thanked God for protecting the passengers on the flight and praised Marriott Bonvoy staff for their kindness when the couple spent the night at the hotel. Additionally, the founder of the Women of Today website revealed that she and her beau had to chill at the bar before enjoying a good night’s rest.

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