Abbott Elementary predicts Adley Rutschman’s Walk-Off Home Run

The episode “Abbott” hints that Adley Rutschman will end the game with a walk-off homer, less than 24 hours before he actually does.

If you thought “The Simpsons” was frighteningly prescient in predicting the future, “Abbott Elementary” made a remarkable prediction about the Baltimore Orioles rookie last night that has already come true.

On Wednesday’s “Abbott,” singing Baltimore Orioles and Ravens fan Gregory Eddie (Tyler James Williams) — much to the chagrin of his Philly colleagues — chats with lunch lady Shanae about the score of the day’s Orioles game. He says, “Adley Rutschman hit an opposite-field cruise and Cedric Mullins was one shy of the cycle.”

Less than 24 hours after the episode aired, the Baltimore Orioles did just that. The team won its early game on Thursday with a home run courtesy of Rutschman.

It wasn’t strictly the opposite field (he hit one 405 feet to center), Mullins went just 1-for-4 with a single, and the score wasn’t the same as Gregory called it (the Oks beat the A’s 8-7 Thursday).

But Gregory’s call is even more spectacular because Rutschman, the O’s rookie catcher and top prospect, revealed after the game that he had never hit a home run in his career, whether in the minors, high school or college. This isn’t Shohei Ohtani, or even some recognizable Philadelphia Philly like Bryce Harper: someone the show name left out for convenience. This is a kid playing his first full season as a major leaguer. And yet somehow Quinta Brunson and company knew it was going to happen.

This wouldn’t be the first time “Abbott Elementary” has added shockingly up-to-date references and potential conversation to its sports knowledge. Philly’s beloved mascot Gritty made a cameo appearance in the first season. The show makes frequent references to former and current Philadelphia Eagles players, including a recent episode in which Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter) writes a speech about Gregory over something he said about quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Earlier in the season, the series introduced a storyline where Melissa is excited about the teachers’ fantasy football league and how Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis) seems to magically beat them for every player on the waiver wire. The show was about star running back Christian McCaffrey being injured (he’s had a number of injuries over the past few years), leaving the backup. While McCaffrey managed to stay healthy this year, he was traded midseason, giving fantasy managers a chance to land his backup in Carolina.

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