Aaron Sorkin has revealed that he suffered a near-fatal stroke last year

We almost lost the great writer and director last year and we’re only now learning about it. Aaron Sorkin is on the mend he has a stroke.

Aaron Sorkin thought he was invincible

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THE Molly’s game writer suffered a serious stroke last November, Sorkin detailed the frightening moment of his life in the New York Times before the release of his new film Camelot. He first began to think something was wrong with his body when he started “bumping into walls and corners.”

He discovered his blood pressure was so high he “should have been dead.” He saw the moment as a huge “loud wake-up call”. THE west wing its creator believed it was truly invincible.

“I thought I was one of those people who could eat whatever they wanted, smoke as much as they wanted and it wouldn’t affect me. Boy, was I wrong?” Turning things around, the director vowed to make a lifestyle change.

Aaron Sorkin is a new man

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Well, not new… different. After the stroke, the 61-year-old quit smoking without cutting down and started exercising daily: “I take a lot of medicine. You can hear the pills rattling inside me,” he joked to the publication.

That’s what Sorkin initially planned keep your diagnosis to yourself but instead realized she could help someone spot the signs before their health took a turn for the worst. At one point, the Oscar winner spiraled and wondered if he would ever write again.

“There was a moment when I was worried that I would never be able to write again. And in the short term, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to continue writing Camelot.” – he says about the Broadway musical to be presented in April.

Aaron Sorkin couldn’t write

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The director physically shared this, he could not write. Until recently, he couldn’t even sign his name. This ability is slowly returning, and Sorkin thanks the enthusiastic fans who ask for autographs for it.

When it comes to tasting food, that’s Sorkin’s struggle. But he doesn’t want any sympathy for his plight because he’s on the up and up. “Let me make this very, very clear. I’m fine. I don’t want anyone to think I can’t work. I’m fine.”

Sorkin is used to dealing with struggles throughout his life, and giving up some of the pleasures hasn’t become a big problem for him. He struggled with cocaine addiction for years and it gave him the confidence to overcome it.

“My biggest fear when I stopped taking drugs was that I wouldn’t be able to write anymore,” he said back in 2017. “Because when you’re a writer and you’re imperfect—and I was when I was High—you don’t want to change anything about the way you work.”

He’s been sober for 11 years now, and that’s what’s helped push this current setback. THE A couple of good people The writer exposes more and more and regains the self-confidence needed to move on.

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