Aaron Carter’s twin brother transfers his estate to a third-party administrator

Aaron Carter’s twin sister, Angel, has given up her fight for her estate.

Just a month after starting a legal battle with Aaron’s baby mama Melanie Martin over her property, the 34-year-old has opted to settle out of court with her nephew Prince’s mother.

Angel asked to be appointed as her late brother’s trustee, as the former teen idol died without leaving a will. In her filing, she also appealed for control of Aaron’s funds, revealing that his inheritance is worth $550,000.

Angel Carter and Melanie Martin report alongside a third party as property administrators

Although Angel wanted the court to name Prince as the beneficiary of the estate in her petition, she could have changed her mind. The late singer’s sister instead decided to settle with Martin in a downtown Los Angeles probate court, where she filed a motion to withdraw her original motion to become administrator.

Judge Michael Small granted the request, giving the Tampa native and Martin the right to choose a third party. Finally, Aileen Federizo was appointed administrator, meaning the financial advisor now has “full authority” over Aaron’s estate.

Angel Carter and Melanie Martin consent to a third party as administrator of the estate of the late Aaron Carter
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While The Mirror UK detailed that neither Martin nor Angel were present on Wednesday, it is worth noting that the court scheduled another hearing for June 25. Until then, Federizo will pay off his outstanding debts, if any, before assessing the late actor’s estate. With this move, a trust will make it easier for Prince to take care of him until he turns 18.

Angel and Martin sheathing their swords comes a week after The Blast reported a separate legal battle between Sterile Pros, LLC. and Áron’s estate. According to the update, the biohazard company did work on the Lancaster home the “Do You Remember” singer allegedly shared with Martin last year.

In papers obtained exclusively, the company said it sought thousands of dollars from the late singer’s estate, seeking a lien on “labor, services, equipment and/or materials at the site, and all real estate or interests in and to such structures and improvements.”

Sterile Pros is seeking biohazard remediation costs for a master bathroom, three bedrooms and a closet, estimated at $33,598.70. He added that the company furnished the artwork and procured the materials as requested by Martin or his beau.

If that hangs over your head, the estate would have to settle the mechanic’s lien before selling the home — if that’s what you intend to do. You will recall that Aaron was found dead in the bathtub of his home on November 5, 2022 and was cremated almost a week later on Wednesday, November 9, 2022.

While an autopsy has been performed on his death, the cause of death is still largely unknown. Until that is determined, Aaron’s family insists their loved one died of an overdose.

Melanie Martin and Aaron Carter in Las Vegas

On January 17, his family revealed their suspicions that the rapper drowned in the bathtub, sharing that the LA County Coroner’s Office told them there was no water in his lungs, ruling out drowning as a possible cause of death.

The family, which includes Martin and Aaron’s mother Jane, further alleged that the deceased was involved in a botched drug deal in the hours leading up to his death. His ex-fiancée said she discovered text messages from an unknown source in which Aaron said he owed $800 for an “unknown substance.”

Although the singer reportedly said he was not interested in the material, the other person maintained his stance. Martin added that the conversation ended after her late beau asked if she had been threatened.

Wells Fargo is suing the Dance Pop Star’s estate for thousands in debt

In legal documents obtained exclusively by The Blastrevealed that Wells Fargo Bank had sued Aaron’s estate for unpaid debts. He filed a creditor claim against the late “This Is How I Beat Shaq” hitmaker’s estate in California Superior Court in Los Angeles, and the bank claimed they were owed exactly $2,887.51.

Fargo wrote that the claims and requests for thousands of dollars were based on an “invoice for goods and/or services” as evidenced by an invoice ending in 4304. The “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” singer’s family will now have to sit tight while the judge overseeing Aaron Carter’s estate decides whether to approve or deny the claim.

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