A white powdery substance was reportedly found at Adam Rich’s home

Los Angeles police detectives now suspect that former child actor Rich AdamHis recent death was likely the result of a drug overdose. Investigators reportedly found evidence of a white powdery substance they suspect to be drugs in Rich’s apartment. Since the actor had drug problems, it is more likely that he died of an overdose, reducing the possibility of foul play.

Rich previously revealed to the public that he started drinking and using drugs at the age of 13. He was later arrested for stealing morphine from a pharmacy, but was rescued by Van Patten, his TV godfather. The actor first rose to fame as Nicholas Bradford on the hit TV show Eight Is Enough, which ran from 1977 to 1981.

Rich has also worked on films such as “Code Red” and “Dungeons & Dragons,” making him one of VH1’s Top 100 Child Stars. The child star left Hollywood in the 80s because she realized she didn’t like anything about the celebrity life.

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Investigators suspect that Adam Rich overdosed on the drug

Rich Adam

It was revealed by LAPD TMZ that former child star Adam Rich is suspected to have died of a drug overdose. Investigators reportedly found evidence at the crime scene that supports the theory of a drug overdose. Rich was found dead earlier this month after the building manager conducted a welfare check on his apartment.

Officers believe the actor had been dead for some time before the apartment manager showed up. A white powdery substance, which is suspected to be drugs, was allegedly found in his home. Because of Rich’s complicated history of drug abuse, investigators strongly suspect OD, reducing the possibility of foul play.

The law enforcement agencies also said it TMZ that no one in the apartment had heard from Rich since January 5th, so it’s unclear exactly when he died. Nothing will be confirmed until police get back their autopsy and toxicology reports, which will reveal the actor’s official cause of death.

Adam Rich struggled with drug problems for years

Hi Dolly!  Los Angeles Premiere, Pantages Theatre.  Rich Adam

According to the TMZ report about Rich’s death, the actor’s family only learned of his death over the weekend. He is said to have struggled with drug problems for many years and once revealed that by the age of 13 he had started drinking and experimenting with various drugs.

In 1991, Rich was arrested for allegedly breaking a pharmacy window with a tire iron to steal morphine and other painkillers. Prosecutors later discovered he had been denied a prescription for painkillers at a nearby hospital emergency room just before the burglary. Rich called his TV godfather, Van Patten, who posted his bail and sent him home.

By his 22nd birthday, Rich had been in rehab at least five times and ended up in a coma for two weeks. His drug problems and rehabilitation activities were widely covered by the press, often grouped with other situational child stars who also struggled with drugs and petty crime.

Eight is enough became famous

'Eight Is Enough' actor Adam Rich found dead at 54 in Los Angeles home

Rich first came to prominence playing Nicholas Bradford in the movie Eight Is Enough, which ran from 1977 to 1981. The series was based on the memoir of Tom Braden, who raised eight children in real life. A 1977 article in The New York Times praised “Eight Is Enough”, calling it one of the “better productions” on television.

in 1991 People Magazine profiled Rich, calling him “a crowd favorite.” Van Patten was also quoted as describing Rich’s “magnetism” as an actor. Rich also starred in ‘Code Red’ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ before retiring. He was later included in VH1’s compilation of the 100 Greatest Child Stars of Movie History, finishing 73rd.

Adam Rich left Hollywood in the 80s

'Eight Is Enough' actor Adam Rich found dead at 54 in Los Angeles home

Despite his talent, Rich eventually retired from Hollywood in the 80s, realizing he didn’t like the celebrity life or the spotlight. He started acting at his former high school, Chatsworth High School, where his former drama teacher taught Val Kilmer and Kevin Spacey.

Sometime in his early 30s, Rich began receiving treatment for depression and has been open about his struggle to find the right medication. In 2020, the actor launched a mental health page on Twitter, which gained modest popularity. In a YouTube interview, Rich discussed how clinical depression is not a mood, but a disease that stems from brain chemistry.

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