A ‘Scrubs’ movie is ‘inevitable,’ says Bill Lawrence

Lawrence confirmed that the “Scrubs” cast is game to get together for a movie at some point — but in the meantime, they’re content to hang out whenever they can.

With seemingly every beloved situation under the sun getting the reboot treatment in recent years, it’s only a matter of time before “Scrubs” returns to the proverbial airwaves in some capacity. Bill Lawrence has never been shy about wanting to make a movie out of his iconic hospital comedy — and if social media posts and Super Bowl commercials are any indication, his cast seems to be taking every opportunity to spend time together.

So it’s inevitable that members of the show’s creative team will often be asked about a potential movie while promoting other projects. comment Species From Apple TV+’s “Shrinking,” Lawrence gave an update on a possible “Scrubs” revival — and some good news for fans.

“I think it’s inevitable that it’s going to happen,” Lawrence said when asked about a “Scrubs” movie. “The joke with us is that after six months we don’t hang out for the first time, we end up having a ‘Scrubs’ meeting.

He continued: “In the greatest way, the cast of the show and the writers are so good that they all work. And the main reason we do this kind of thing is not because of work, but because we actually like to hang out.”

Lawrence’s comments are consistent with what he said at the “Scrubs” reunion panel at last year’s ATX Television Festival.

“We do it because we’re lucky that people care,” Lawrence said. “If you’re lucky enough to work with people you love, run for it.”

At this point, the biggest obstacle to a “Scrubs” movie may be Lawrence’s own busy schedule. The prolific showrunner currently presides over an empire that includes “Ted Lasso,” “Shrinking,” the “Clone High” revival and the upcoming Apple TV+ series “Bad Monkey” starring Vince Vaughn. At last year’s panel, both Zach Braff and Donald Faison said a possible “Scrubs” movie would have to wait to clear up Lawrence’s schedule.

“We can’t do anything without the wonderland,” Braff said of Lawrence. – But if you find the time (we would too.)

“I think we all want to,” Faison added. “We would all love to work together again. It’s just really hard. It cannot be a full season of a show. Must be a movie or something. (…) This dude (Bill Lawrence) will never be free again.”

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