A ‘Schitt’s Creek’ reboot is possible, says Eugene Levy

While nothing is in the works right now, the comedy legend said that when the “Schitt’s Creek” team finds the right idea, “we’ll probably act on it.”

"Schitt's Creek"

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In 2023, no TV show will truly end. Any cancellation can be undone by a rival streaming service looking to gain an advantage, and the planned finale is often just a hiatus until it’s time for a lucrative reboot. Everything from decade-long hiatuses to major character deaths can be overcome in the name of producing more content.

So when an acclaimed series like “Schitt’s Creek” comes to an end, it’s only a matter of time before fans start speculating about when they’ll see their favorite characters again. Dan and Eugene Levy’s CBC sitcom about a wealthy family forced to move camp to a small town became a hit the moment it began streaming on Netflix — and was one of the most popular comedies on TV during its six-season run. And while the characters got a fitting send-off in the series finale, it’s possible viewers haven’t seen the last of the Rose family yet.

In a new interview with him Radio Times To promote his Apple TV+ series “The Reluctant Traveler,” Eugene Levy teased that more “Schitt’s Creek” could be in the works soon.

“I know my son Daniel said that, we’d love to see these people again and take the series and the characters to another level,” Levy said. “Honestly, there’s nothing in the works right now, but you know, we’ve never thought about what might happen down the line.” Of course, we’re open to anything, and I think when the right idea comes along, we’ll probably act on it.

But the comedy legend also knows his kids are busy with other projects — including Dan Levy’s upcoming directorial debut, “Good Grief” — so there’s no rush to make Schitt’s Creek if he needs a job.

“Daniel is doing pretty well on his own right now,” she said. “He doesn’t need the old man on his back, you know, that kind of baggage he doesn’t need.” Sarah just finished her show “Surreal Estate” so it’s great to see them out of the nest and soaring as they do what they do so well. They don’t need a father.”

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