55 Underrated Netflix Original Movies to Stream

From “Private Lives” to “Tramps” to “Shirkers,” these are Netflix originals just waiting to be discovered on the streaming platform.

Netflix Original Movies


No matter how much you love movies (or how much free time you have), no mortal can be expected to keep up with Netflix’s original movies. While streaming’s giant volume-first strategy ensures that everyone can find something they like, it also means that some great movies are inevitably buried by the almighty algorithm.

If you’re looking for something to watch and nothing new catches your eye, why not revisit some of Netflix’s best overlooked movies? From campy horror sequels to indie gems that might have been missed without Netflix, the streamer’s vast catalog means there really is something for everyone. We’ve rounded up our 57 favorites that are sure to tide you over until the season of “Stranger Things.”

Zack Sharf and Ryan Lattanzio contributed to this story.

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