28 most daring Hollywood studio films

From ‘Blade Runner 2049’ to ‘Dunkirk’, these ambitious and ground-breaking Hollywood studio films are nothing short of amazing.

"mad max," "Crazy rich Asians," "Ad Astra," and riskier studio films

“Mad Max”, “Crazy Rich Asians”, “Ad Astra” and even riskier studio films

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(Editor’s note: This gallery was originally published in November 2018 and has been updated accordingly.)

With Marvel movies dominating the multiplexes with increasingly hyphenated titles, it’s tempting to lament the film industry’s loss of creativity and its seeming determination to churn out the most monotonous films imaginable. But while much of Hollywood’s content may be increasingly mainstream, there are always a few bold, exciting films that make it through the studio system each year.

The independent film industry is an essential incubator for original ideas, but sometimes a filmmaker just needs the resources of a major studio to bring their vision to life. And when you succeed, the result is nothing short of movie magic. From big original adult dramas like ‘Babylon’ and ‘Ad Astra’ to bold takes on existing franchises like ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’, read on for 30 Hollywood studios his most daring film of this century. .

Zack Sharf contributed to this story.

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