20 Best Hulu Shows to Watch Online

After 15 years of ups and downs, here are the original series that have left the biggest mark on the platform.

Best Hulu Shows

With March came the 15th anniversary of Hulu’s wide availability in the United States. Over that decade and a half, the platform has — to put it mildly — gone through some changes. What started out as a unified hub in the early days of streaming has become one of the more dependable homes for original and library TV.

Changes in ownership and branding have kept Hulu in flux over many of those 15 years and its future still seems perpetually up in the air. Yet, as long as Hulu continues to exist at least relatively close to its current form, it’ll be one of the streaming services worth whatever subscription tier you deem fit.

Access to new and classic programming from other networks certainly sweetens that deal, but in the spirit of singling out the best of what Hulu has to offer, we want to single out the Originals. They range from buzzy adaptations of beloved works of literature to singular windows into the lives of indelible characters. There’s fluffy fare to help wind down at the end of the day and there’s searing investigations into the soul of humanity to keep you up at night. Through them all, Hulu has largely avoided a house style or an easily repeatable formula. Some of their best shows compare favorably to hits elsewhere, but the service has soared when it’s given talented creative forces the space to make something worth tuning in for.

In our ongoing quest to help guide folks toward the best of their various streaming options, we’ve assembled a list of the 20 best shows to watch on the platform right now. Much like our similar Netflix collection, we’re keeping this to ones decidedly under the Hulu banner. They can be outright Hulu Originals, made solely for the platform or as an international co-production. And for now, we’ve also decided to include a handful of shows that are part of the nebulous “FX on Hulu” umbrella.

None of these shows made this list for any one specific reason, but for each of our picks, we’ve given an all-too-brief overview of the show itself as well as an all-too-simplified case for why it might be worth taking the plunge. Also, as with our Netflix list, this ranking is entirely non-scientific and subjective. Think of this less as a hierarchy and more as a TV club where every member is exceptional in their own way.

And with that, here’s our Hulu 20.

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