‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton talks about her INCREDIBLE weight loss

Tammy Slatonthe star of the hit show£1000 Sisters,” recently shared a mirror selfie on social media that showcases her incredible weight loss transformation. The 36-year-old reality TV personality has been on a journey to improve her health, and her latest update has impressed and inspired fans.

Tammy recently shared her gratitude for her health, noting that she’s “feeling great” and “grateful to be alive,” adding that she’s “glad to see so much progress.”

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Tammy Slaton shows off weight loss in new mirror selfie

'1000-Lb.  Sisters' Tammy Slaton dazzles fans with new mirror selfie showing off her shocking weight loss
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

In a new one Instagram photo, Tammy stands in front of a full-length mirror, oozing confidence as she proudly shows off her slimmer figure in a floral maxi dress. The image shows her hard work, determination and commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Tammy’s weight loss journey has been closely watched by fans of the series, which documents the lives of Tammy and her sister Amy Slaton as they navigate the challenges of obesity. In recent years, she has made significant progress in shedding excess weight, making healthier choices, and developing a more active lifestyle.

The reality star has been open about her struggles with food addiction and emotional eating, but has shown remarkable resilience in her efforts to overcome these obstacles. With the support of her sister Amy and her devoted fan base, Tammy has made positive changes and achieved noticeable results.

Fans are amazed at her weight loss

'1000-Lb.  Sisters star Tammy Slaton flaunts her beauty without oxygen in a new photo
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

Tammy’s mirror selfie was followed by an outpouring of positive and supportive comments from her fans, congratulating her on her weight loss success.

One fan wrote: “Get it girl! GIRL YESS QUEEN you look amazing!!!! I am very proud of you!!! Trust me, I know it wasn’t easy, but I did it!!!”

Another fan said: “Amazing, I’m so happy with your progress, I can’t wait to see you reach your goal.”

“I really hope you feel as good as you look!” A fan shared it.

“Keep it up Tammy!” another fan encouraged him. “Proud of you! I welcome you as a fellow gastric bypass brother! It’s not easy! Every day is a temptation! Good job!”

“You’d better go, girl!” Standing straight, without O2! Reclaiming time and life. Yes, Tammy!!!” from the pen of a fifth fan.

Tammy Slaton is grateful for her health

'1000-Lb.  Sisters' Tammy Slaton dazzles fans with new mirror selfie showing off her shocking weight loss
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

Following her progressive weight loss success, Tammy recently expressed her gratitude for her improved health, revealing that she is “thankful to be alive” after her drastic weight loss.

The reality star, who underwent bariatric surgery at the end of last year, said People magazine that he is “feeling great” and “grateful to be alive”, adding that he is “glad to see so much progress”.

Tammy said: “I took the plunge and had the surgery. I was able to get my lungs strong enough to pull out my trachea (trachea bone for breathing) and recently the doctor cleared me to stay on the oxygen machine during the day.”

He continued: “Now I only wear my oxygen and BiPap machine at night. I monitor my oxygen levels throughout the day and have my machine close at hand in case I need it.”

“I feel great! I’m grateful to be alive and it’s fun to be able to grow as much as I have,” added the reality TV star.

Tammy Slaton Talked About Her Breathalyzer First Time

Another major milestone in her weight loss journey, Tammy recently shared her first tubeless and filtered photos on Instagram. The reality TV personality has documented her progress and inspires her followers with her commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Captioning the photos, Tammy wrote: “6 beautiful photos of me without filters.” As well as giving up her oxygen tube, Tammy also revealed that she shares unfiltered photos, a testament to her growing confidence.

Tammy’s battle with obesity was accompanied by a number of medical complications, including relying on an oxygen tube to help her breathe. But after making significant strides in her weight loss and shedding more than 300 pounds, she proudly posted photos without the aid of an oxygen tube, showing off her improved respiratory health.

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