1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Now Open To Dating Women

“1000lb Sisters” star Tammy Slaton is reportedly back on the dating scene again, but casting her net wider this time.

As fans are aware, the 37-year-old reality TV star recently said farewell to her husband, Caleb Willingham, who sadly passed away earlier this year from unknown causes. However, a month after she laid him to rest, Slaton, who came out as pansexual in 2021, is ready to date again, but insiders have spilled that she may be looking for something a little different.

Tammy Slaton Is Open To A Relationship With A Woman

The TLC star is set up and ready to move on with her romantic life. In fact, as she comes to terms with the tragic loss she just experienced, a source close to her disclosed that she is considering dating women and is looking for a girlfriend instead of a new man. They also claimed that Slaton is “in her bad b***h era.”

In addition, the insider said, “Tammy is pansexual, and she’s looking to date a woman right now,” adding that Slaton had “been talking to a few people,” but nothing was “serious” yet.

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“Tammy has lost all of this weight, and she’s ready to get back out there,” the insider revealed, referring to the TV star’s nearly 400 pounds weight loss journey. They continued saying:

“Caleb passing away was hard for her, but they were already having problems, and she felt he didn’t have time for her. Tammy felt that he didn’t put effort into trying to move to Kentucky and get out of rehab to be with her.”

As iterated, this announcement comes after she hosted Caleb’s burial ceremony near her home in Kentucky, surrounded by friends and family to pay their respects. However, it seems the intimate gathering didn’t go as she had hoped.

Per reports, the widow was mad at the reality show producers for making her late husband’s funeral appear more “depressing” than it was. She blamed the channel for “forcing drama” at what should have been an extraordinary event.

Slaton was spotted shedding a tear in the front row at the funeral, where she sat alongside her sister Amy Slaton. However, a source had affirmed that the ceremony “wasn’t that sad.”

“The filming of the funeral was ‘completely not natural,’ and things were put in there to make it seem sad when it really wasn’t that sad. People were having fun, but (TLC producers) made it depressing,” they claimed.

The insider also said that the doting wife worried fans would think she had relapsed because of how TLC filmed the funeral before adding, “She isn’t emotionally relapsing or going back on her diet – she’s doing great.”

'1000-Lb. Sisters' Tammy Slaton Stuns Fans With New Mirror Selfie Flaunting Her Shocking Weigh Loss
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

A second source mentioned that Slaton is determined to stick to her diet as she believes it “could have been her” who died. This is in spite of Caleb, whose health had reportedly “continued to get worse” before his death after he allegedly gained 30lb (2.1 stone) while at a food rehabilitation center.

Tammy Slaton Displays Head-To-Toe Weight Loss Transformation

Considering the “1000lb Sisters” star’s body modification, she underwent weight loss surgery last year but showed the result on Instagram for the first time back in July, as reported by PEOPLE.

She excitedly posted a full-body selfie displaying her total weight loss transformation. In the photo, the then 36-year-old was posing in front of a mirror while wearing a floral maxi dress.

After Slaton shared the body positivity post, she later began reposting some of the kind complimentary messages she received on the photo on her Instagram Story, including a note from “1000-Lb. Best Friends” star Vannessa Cross. 

“Get it, girl!❤️🔥” Cross said before adding in the comments, “🔥🔥 GIRL YESS QUEEN you look amazing!!!! I’m so proud of it!!! It was not easy, trust me, I know, but you did it!!!” Another friend of hers reposted the picture, writing, “Proud of you, Queen, you look fab❤️.”

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