10 Superheroes With Powers Nobody Understands

10 Superheroes With Powers Nobody Understands

We’re going to be talking about superpowers who has them and how much sense do they make. There are some powers that are either a bit more conceptual than others or they just are implemented in stories in such a way that they may be hard for new readers to grasp.

We’re going to take a look at a bunch with the caveat you may know how all of these work, in that case, congratulate yourself on your comic prowess in the meantime we’re going to take a look at the 10 Superheroes with powers nobody understands.

Squirrel Girl

10 Superheroes With Powers Nobody Understands

Squirrel Girl was first introduced in Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 2 #8 in 1991 and at first, she was a bit of a joke character. There’s actually a version that appears in a tick episode the animated series from the 90s the tick vs education.

Which is a great episode ft Sarcastro? But back to Marvel’s version over the years, this character has grown to be an established part of the Marvel mythos and has been utilized in a variety of ways. So her powers prehensile tail and buck teeth aside which are attributes and notabilities but I digress as she did use them as a squirrel would when she first appeared.

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She has the agility of a squirrel the claws of a squirrel retractable knuckle spikes about 3 inches long watch out wolverine and while she can communicate with squirrels which is what most people remember she doesn’t do it telepathically instead she just understands animal speech and they can understand her when she speaks English.

Over time she had more abilities added heightened reflexes lips that atste like hazelnuts she was a mutant then she wans’t one. It’s a lot but now you know most important take away definitely the hazelnut lips.



Poor jubilee so often the butt of some many x-men jokes and placed on so many lists of most useless x-men or labeled as the one who shoots fireworks from her fingers. In all fairness, some of that came from the 90s animated intro where that was literally her introduction.

And in the comics, she does also call them this herself but because of the connotation people have with fireworks, they equated it to being harmless which, not true fireworks are far from harmless.

Jubilee first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #244 (May 1989) and her powers are more than they appear at first glance, in reality, she generates pyrotechnic energy plasmoids from her hands and they are far from random she has mental control over them and can send there where she wants and have them explode on command.

She can also control the intensity they can either be bright flashes of light just designed to disorient or they can be powerful blasts that can destroy things and cause damage. She can also target the inside of a human brain and cause a stroke and afterward she reabsorbs the energy into herself.

It was revealed by Emma frost that jubilee actually has a lot of untapped potentials and could maybe one day detonate her energy at a subatomic level which would create mass destruction. So she’s one of those secretly really powerful mutants so watch out. We’re also just talking about her as regular jubille, not vampire jubilee or wondra.

Hindsight Lad

Hindsight Lad

This is another one of those ones where would you need this, I mean I can think of one applicable use if you were trapped in a time loop and he was the person who remembered it. So Hindsight lad is Carlton LaFroyge and he first appeared in New Warriors Annual vol.1 #3. Here’s the thing he doesn’t really have powers per se he’s just a skilled tactician and he was a skilled researcher so he could look at situations that had passed and be like this is what went wrong.

Like many people you too could be hindsight lad. The reason he’s on here is that people think it’s a power like captain hindsight from the south park he flies in and is all Spider-Man you should have changed youre we cartridge before this battle but really it’s more he sits at a computer and replays things like a football coach. Yeah like matter eater lad he doesn’t get a lot of playtimes these days either.


10 Superheroes With Powers Nobody Understands

Now since the release of 2018s Deadpool 2 more people are aware of Domino and her luck powers but what are they actually cause depending upon the writer even they don’t seem to know exactly how to implement them.

Domino made her first full appearance in X-Force #11 in June of 1992 and what her power really is, is a subconscious psyionic ability to telekinetically affect the outcomes of probability in her favor. So she calls it luck but really it’s her manipulating her own environment with her latent powers. Her abilities are activated when she is in a stressful situation which in her line of work boils down to essentially all the time.

However, in order for these to work, Domino has to actually be involved in what’s going on she can’t just sit and alter things she’s not the scarlet witch. As her abilities also impact how she must move in the environment so that means her telekinesis impacts her reflexes and agility as well. Causing her to appear enhanced, and does operate on a superhuman level because of all this. There have been periods in time where she can control her abilities it really depends on who’s writing her.

The Tick

The Tick

The tick has powers he says so all the time he’s nigh-invulnerable but what does that mean. The tick was create3d by ben Edlund and first appeared in New England Comics Newsletter14 (July/August 1986).

A parodyesque superhero the tick fights crime in the city. And his strength is never fully defined in the comics he is full-on an escaped mental patient. In the 2016 series, he claims his strength is “ten, perhaps twenty men – a crowded bus stop of men”.

So when it comes to the nigh invulnerability it means it’s pretty much impossible to hurt him seriously, he feels pain particularly in his antennae but the threshold is not consistent. He can survive being hit by a train but depending on the issue villains can just knock him out.

He also has something called Drama power meaning he gets more powerful the more dramatic a situation gets and with the tick you know it’s going to get mighty dramatic. So in short his powers being perfectly defined is less important than the stories surrounding them it is more of a comedic book after all.

Matter-Eater Lad

Matter-Eater Lad

Now you may be saying these powers seem pretty simple he eats matter it’s right there in the name, and yes that is true what people have more trouble with here is how exactly would these powers be useful at all? He first appeared in 1962 in Adventure Comics #303.

Because of poisoning on his homeworld, his people had to adapt to be able to consume anything and yes they were from the planet bismoll as in Pepto, hilarious. The thing is yes he can eat anything but when is this useful is it for escapes, can he consume maguffins.

It’s the kind of ability you need to work to get into a story and apparently most writers felt that way as well because the character has largely disappeared Post infinite crisis he’s been pretty absent in the dc universe and dark I say potentially not that missed.


10 Superheroes With Powers Nobody Understands

Karma is one of the new mutants to have been created she first appeared in Marvel Team-Up100 (December 1980) and one can guess based on the name we’re getting into psionic and empathic but it’s darker than her name would suggest. And Karma can possess animals and people and she doesn’t need to be close to them to do it. So in short terrifying.

She projects psionic energy so that her consciousness overwhlems the hosts rendering it dormant and then she can alter their perception, memories force them to fall asleep or give her information, manipulate their bodies she used to only be able to this for a short time but she’s gotten better.

She can now possess multiple people at once. So no nothing to do with anything like oh if they were bad she causes bad luck for them no just pure terror. I can’t see these powers being used for good even on villains this just seems super unethical unless all you do is go to sleep the trauma of her victims must be absolutely enormous.



So Dazzler is getting an animated series alongside Tigra so that will be interesting Marvel is determined they will take Dazzler away from her roller-skating record company tie in origins. Dazzler first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #130 in 1980 and initially a commission by cassablanca records and was supposed to lead to a tie in the film with bo Derek that never happened.

So dazzler is able to and I quote transduce sonic vibrations which reach her body into various types of light. This means she transforms the energy that reaches her into vibrations that can be mechanical acoustic or thermal. So Dazzler utilizes her ability through music also that quote should really say leave her body as light.

She can pull the sound away from a person to recharge herself and she radiates light at different frequencies as she so chooses but she has to pay attention otherwise she’ll just be creating white flashes everywhere. So how does she use her powers hypnosis, anyone, she can create a trance like-state in people and she has at her concerts to make people have a good time terrifying and it makes me think maybe she can’t even sing.

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Anyway, she can also upset people’s balance to generate a laser beam and fire them from her fingers or eyes to create a shield to deflect energy beams. Sher herself cannot be blinded by the light she can create holograms. See there’s a reason Galactus considered here for his herald.

I’m actually not done but we’d be here all day Dazzler can actually be utilized in really interesting ways so there is potential there just they need to focus it cause that’s a lot of a lot. I think she needs a hologram of herself that performs while she fights crime like night man.


Superheroes With Powers Nobody Understands

so the cable is pretty well known especially after Deadpool 2 introduced him to the mainstream but sometimes his abilities get a little lost in his backstory and also his appearance. So Cable first appeared as cable in The New Mutants #87 (March 1990) he had appeared as Nathan summers in The Uncanny X-Men #201 back in 1986.

He is the son of Scott Summers and Madelyn Pryor the clone of jean grey who was sent to be realized in the future and grew up in an era hunted by apocalypse his metal arm is the result of a technorganic virus that is only kept from consuming him by his extremely potent telekinetic powers.

He is also a telepath on top of this and an extremely powerful one. These last two abilities can sometimes be glossed over or utilized in such a way that for new readers it could be mistaken for tech.

At first, he wasn’t as powerful cause he was fighting off the virus all the time but as that receeded, he is now pretty much on par with Nate grey. Why this is so confusing is that for a time he had lost his mutant abilities and was using tech but then got his mutant powers back and this losing and gaining plot has been done multiple times.

So this is less a question of how does it work and more a question of what era is it? And what is going on? Precognition but nothing else all his abilities virus no virus it’s a lot.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

So Wanda Maximoff first appeared in The X-Men #4 (March 1964) and at first, her powers were pretty vague they were hex powers. She was a witch in name only though as her powers were mutant ones.

Her hexes specifically affected probability causing bizarre events to take place often not in the favor of those she was fighting. Over time she would gain control over these hexes but she was also trained in this by a witch despite being a mutant.

This way she could now control mystic artifacts and she learned to wield magic on top of the abilities she already had later writer Kurt Busiek would retcon her powers to say her the mutation was that she controlled chaos magic.

And then avengers dissembled happened and her powers were retconned again to reality-warping powers and this is what most people remember because this storyline was famous and led to no more mutants and house of m the whole nine yards.

However, her powers have been retweaked to chaos magic or mutant magic. The most recent edition is that she was born a witch and then the high evolutionary genetically altered her to make her more receptive to magic. So I think why she’s on here is clear it won’t stop changing. IT’s like wonder girls’ backstory.

So those were 10 superheroes with powers people don’t understand Who is a character with powers you don’t understand or find just odd.