Ever since Xbox officially unveiled the Xbox Series X, the floodgates have opened of people’s speculations and wonderings of what exactly we still don’t know yet, whether it’s regarding details of the Series X itself or the possibility of more than that system coming out next year.

After all, the name Series heavily implies that this is just one model in a line of multiple systems.

In fact, there was actually an article that came out after the unveiling of the Xbox where Microsoft clarified that technically the overarching name of the next generation of systems is Xbox, simply that.

And the name Series X denotes that particular model which is the super fancy 8K capable, 4K, 60 gameplay system that everyone’s getting hyped up and excited for.

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series C, Xbox Series S, & Project Scarlett

Now when we’re talking about the possibility of additional Series models, the main one a lot of people have talked about is the rumored Project Lockhart.

If you’re not familiar with this whole kinda thing, the idea is that while the new Xbox was under development they had an overarching project title of Project Scarlett which is what most people refer to it as, but specifically there were subdivisions which were Project Anaconda, which is now known as the Series X, and something else that we don’t know officially just yet called Project Lockhart.

The main rumor going around right now regarding Project Lockhart is that it is a lower power, more affordable version of what the Series X is offering and the main number that’s been thrown around a lot is that, while the Series X is targeting something around 12 teraflops of processing power for its graphics cards, Lockhart will only be four, which is actually a little bit less than the Xbox One X.

But the idea here is that it’s a system that would support 1080, maybe 1440p resolution for games giving you something that is still good looking and a solid system, but not necessarily that kind of peak expensive, nicer one that Series X is aiming to be.


Now again, there has been no official announcement of this secondary system, but the main theory a lot of people are running with, myself included, is that this will be a secondary, more affordable version of the system that is released alongside the Series X or shortly after, probably with the name Series S ’cause that really lines up with what we’re seeing right now with Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

While this is all rumor, honestly, in my own head that is actually how things are going to happen. I really do think we’re gonna see those two models come out very close together.