Whatsapp deleted messages recover

In 2017 WhatsApp introduced an unprecedented feature: the one that allows you to delete sent messages, within individual chats or groups. Your own and those of others, of course: and many wonders if it is somehow possible to recover them. Yes, there is a way to read deleted messages. The answer is “yes”, and we are going to provide you with the appropriate guide.

Normally WhatsApp does not allow you to recover and read deleted messages, but there is a solution to everything: in this case, it consists of a third-party app, WhatsRemoved+. Here are all the steps to install it, configure it and finally use it to recover your messages accidentally or deliberately deleted from chats:

  • First install WhatsRemoved+ from the Google Play Store, using this link
  • Launch the application
  • Select the app of your interest to guarantee access to data by WhatsRemoved + (in this case, therefore, WhatsApp)
  • From this moment on, every notification received by WhatsApp can be easily retrieved even by WhatsRemoved +

WhatsRemoved+ is not one of the many apps with malware that often invade the Google Play Store, however you are never too taxed on these topics: so be careful how you use it, and your privacy on Android smartphones .