WarnerMedia Announces HBO Max Price, Launch Date

WarnerMedia Announces HBO Max Price, Launch Date

WarnerMedia has officially revealed the launch date and HBO Max Price of its new streaming service HBO Max.

The company that owns Warner Brothers Studios as well as television networks HBO TBS / TNT and CNN, revealed during a special presentation on Tuesday that its forthcoming streaming service HBO Max will debut in May 2020, and cost $15 per month the same price as HBO but significantly more TV shows and movies.

WarnerMedia Announces HBO Max Price, Launch Date

The Big Bang Theory, South Park, and Friends are just a few of the hit TV shows it will be part of the streaming services 10,000 hours of programming.

The service will also have 1,800 film titles including all Warner Brothers and DC movies.

Premium cable network HBO will serve as the foundation for the platform offering up its library of current content like Game of Thrones and secession as well as classic shows like Sex in the City, and The Sopranos.

HBO max will also feature original such as the previously announced Ansel Elgort drama Tokyo Vice, A Greece spin-off and a Gossip Girl sequel.

But even with a deep bench of new and classic programming, HBO Maxes price makes it one of the more expensive streamers on the market, on the low end is the $5 per month Apple TV Plus while on the high end is Netflix is $16 per month premium tier.