There is a clone of Rainbow Six on their stores

Ubisoft sues Google and Apple for allowing the sale on their online stores of Area F2, a game for smartphones and tablets considered by the French software as a clone of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, the well-known tactical shooter that will also land on PS5 and Xbox X Series.

The mobile title developed by Ejoy and Qookka Games of Alibaba, according to Ubisoft, is ” an obvious swipe ” of the popular Rainbow Six Siege from which it borrows every aspect: ” from the operator selection screen to that of the final score and all the rest. “

For the French software house, it is, therefore, copyright infringement and, according to information disclosed by Bloomberg, despite several reminders, Google and Apple have refused to delete from their Area F2 stores.

At the moment it is not yet known how the affair will end as the complaint was filed last Friday at the federal court in Los Angeles and the three interesting companies have not yet released comments of any kind.

Ubisoft, however, did not specify the reasons why it decided to sue Google and Apple instead of the developers of Area F2, although presumably winning a copyright infringement case against a China-based company would be more difficult and articulate. The simplest way, therefore, seems to ” force ” the two giants of the mobile sector to eliminate the offending game from their respective stores.