It’s brand new year folks, which means it’s time to say goodbye to the video games of yesteryear, and get hyped for all the new releases coming out in 2020. And buckle up, there’s a lot of them.

First up, Xbox Series X and the PlayStation Five. And yeah, I know, these aren’t titles, but we’d be remise if we didn’t mention the fact that two brand new consoles are gonna hit store shelves by the holidays.

And while we’re still waiting for more details, like how’d they get the Xbox Series X out of that monolith scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, we’re hoping to get some hands-on time with him at this year’s E3, which is an exciting prospect indeed. These are the Most Anticipated Games of 2020.

12Marvel’s Avengers game

It’s set to drop in May. And the story takes place after the Avengers get attacked, and they’re left scattered and broken. Cap is gone, Tony Stark grew a beard instead of just a goatee, so you know it’s serious.

Based on the trailers and the footage we’ve seen so far, everyone from Thor, to Hulk, to Black Widow, to Ms. Marvel is gonna be playable. And if that doesn’t scratch your Avengers itch, well, you probably need Earth’s mightiest Gold Bond.

11Doom Eternal

Now to say we’re just excited for this game is a massive understatement considering all the fun we had slaughtering our body weight in demons with the 2016 reboot.

If they wanna keep that murder train rolling, just apply some of that same formula of tight controls, sick Easter eggs, brutal monsters, and killer weapons. We’re goin’ to hell and back, actually, we’re goin’ to heaven this time.

10Dying Light Two

The sequel to the breakout post-apocalyptic parkour zombie game of 2015 is getting a sequel, and we could not be more excited about it.

There’s gonna even be more zombies, bigger maps, abilities, weapons, and yes, more parkour. The best part of this new iteration though is the fact that you can play a campaign with three of your best buds online in a fully-cooperative setting.

It’ll be a true test to see which of them you would actually want in your survival group once the end of days actually does come around.

9Final Fantasy VII

Arguably one of the best Final Fantasy titles of all time and the reason I bought a PlayStation in the first place, it’s not only getting a graphical update, but it’s gonna do away with the active time battle system, in place of a brand new battle system.

Now we’re concerned that this remake may be broken up into at least two parts, if not more, with part one ending when your party first leaves Midgar, but any chance of swinging Cloud’s Buster sword in glorious three dimensions, and not like that horrifying pixel art, is good enough for us. Seriously, just look back at the old graphics.

8Halo Infinite

It’s kind of nice to see Microsoft get back to their roots with the return to the Halo franchise. And releasing the game with a brand new console, just as they did with the original Xbox, Well we haven’t actually seen a whole lot from this game yet.

We’re always gonna be excited to suit up as Master Chief once more, to ‘nade some fricken Grunts, run them over with our Ghost, and just see their heads pop off like so much confetti.

7Overwatch Two

Definitely a full-on sequel and not just a re-skinned version of the game I’m hopelessly addicted to.

While Overwatch one focuses on the online battles between other players, the sequel reportedly introduced story modes, PvE elements, and all-new characters, which will hopefully give fans more of a chance to explore the deep lore inside the Overwatch world.

Maybe they’ll give Zenyatta more of a backstory, instead of nothing for three-plus years. While there’s no official release date in sight, we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’s gonna drop this year because we, and specifically I, cannot wait.

6Table Manners

In this dating sim, you combine the complexity and clumsiness of the Surgeon Simulator and apply it to a first date.

You start off by swiping your potential date and hoping they accept. Then you go to a restaurant that ranges from a boat to a nice steakhouse, where you’ll have to help prepare and serve your date all their favorite food.

All the struggles and digital buffoonery are highly accurate to how first dates actually are, at least, that’s what I’ve been told when I did some light Googling and extensive Wiking, about dating, a human.

5Animal Crossing New Horizons

Announced in last September’s Nintendo Direct, the next main installment in the Animal Crossing series is gonna be as cute and cuddly as its predecessor’s. Unless of course, you cross Tom Nook.

The biggest difference in this outing is the setting. Instead of being part of a town or a farm, you instead work off of a deserted island to collect resources, build structures, so you can impress other anthropormorphic animals.

4Moving Out

Similar to Overcooked, this game’s meant to be played couch co-op style, so you can yell at your pals in real-time for going the wrong way.

Moving Out tasks you to relocate furniture and boxes from one location, and move them to another. Sounds simple, but therein lies the rub.

What if you have to move boxes off of a plane and onto a moving truck? Not so simple.

Coordination is the name of the game here, so that you don’t trash the place, and can instead become a certified Furniture Arrangement Relocation Technician, or a FART, if you’re nasty.

3Fall Guys

This little Indie game takes the Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle, or as you may know it, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, and mixes it with the popular Battle Royale genre.

100 players face off in different challenges that sometimes boil down to dumb luck against flying or falling obstacles until only one person is left alive.

It’s the greatest thing Japan’s done for the Battle Royal genre since they out the movie Battle Royale. Which, if you haven’t seen it, just fix your life.

2The Last of Us Part 2

It’s been seven long years since The Last of Us came out, and three years since its sequel was announced. But it looks like we’re finally gonna be getting part two this year.

Get ready to go through all of the feels once more as this post-apocalyptic adventure takes us on an emotional journey. The Last of Us is widely regarded as one of the best games of the decade, if not of all time.

So we’re interested to see if they can keep up this excellence into the sequel. And I’ve played it, and so far, so great.

1Cyberpunk 2077

We could go on and on about how everything about this game looks spectacular. How its visuals are out of this world, and how every little detail, including the weird lore they dropped in their with Keanu’s character, has us on the edge of our seats.

We could ramble on and on about how it’s the same game studio that brought us The Witcher Three. We could bore you with all of the details about the level of customization that goes into each and every character.

But for now, all we’re gonna say is Keanu Reeves as Johnny God-damn Silverhand. Samurai’s back.