For those of you who don’t know, Samsung and Sony are more than just a smartphone company. Both of them have a diversified business which includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment, financial services and much more.

Both of these companies are a big name when it comes to cameras, they make camera sensors for smartphones as well and are in fact rivals.

Recently Samsung unveiled the 108MP camera with one of the biggest camera sensors which will be used in the upcoming flagship phone the Galaxy S11.

So obviously Sony which is the world’s largest supplier of mobile camera sensors won’t sit still, they have to come up with an answer for this amazing sensor that Samsung has developed and they did.

Sony announced a new mobile camera sensor that is going to rival Samsung’s but unlike the 108MP camera, Sony’s sensor will focus on something more fundamental: faster and more accurate autofocus (AF).

Sony new sensor

You see almost all of the smartphones use PDAF for autofocus, PDAF stands for “Phase Detection Autofocus. To put it into simple terms, it means it has a specific autofocus sensor that estimates the distance of the subject, and the lens is then focused on that distance. But the thing is, PDAF works by detecting pattern changes in the vertical direction only.

In other words, PDAF wouldn’t work as well on horizontal pattern changes. And that’s what basically Sony fixed on their new sensor.

This new tech has All Pixel Omni-directional PDAF which will detect pattern changes in both vertical and horizontal directions. This will make use of more image data, thus enabling faster focusing and better low-light performance.

Sony new sensor

Also, the camera will focus on finer details which directly translates to better images. I know it doesn’t sound as fancy as Samsung’s 108MP sensor but refinements like this play a huge role in determining the quality of images.

Oppo Find X2 is going to be the first one to use this new sensor which as per industry insiders will give the Galaxy S11 a run for its money.

Sony’s New Flagship will be a beast

Of course, we’ll know for sure come February when both of these devices are expected to launch This might surprise some but Sony still makes smartphones and they are working on the successor to Xperia 1 which in my opinion is a very good phone with 21:9 tall aspect ratio.

It might be called the Xperia 2 or who knows because Sony sucks at the naming scheme but this upcoming device has been benchmarked and the results show a very powerful device and an abundant amount of RAM.

The Geekbench shows it will have the Snapdragon 865 which is going to be the flagship processor for next year, the scores are amazing and the interesting thing is the device will have 12GB of RAM. That’s a massive jump from the 6GB on the Xperia 1 but hey I’m not complaining, the more the better.

The Xperia 1 has small bezels up top and bottom and I really liked that design but I guess they need to tone down those bezels a bit more if they want people to take this device more seriously.