PlayStation Plus (PS+) December 2019 Free Games

PlayStation Plus (PS+) December 2019 Free Games

Sony have revealed the free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of December 2019. Usually, at Christmas time the PlayStation Plus offerings aren’t too great so don’t expect too much, but I think they’re pretty good. Anyway, FYI you can download these games from Tuesday the 3rd of December.

Monster Energy Supercross The official video game (PS4)

PlayStation Plus (PS+) December 2019 Free Games

Monster Energy Supercross the official video game well apart from humping a ridiculously long title and painfully over-the-top advertising of energy drinks this is a dirt bike rally title.

As it’s official expect to see all the tracks from the real competition and this will make up the career mode a single-player season where you ride to be crowned champion. If you prefer an arcade feel of realism or vice versa the game allows you to tweak braking and handling to make it feel unique to you.

By moving your right stick your rider will adjust their weight to help with balance around corners or during jumps, but here is the best bit rewind.

We can to a small degree go back in time for a few seconds and redo anything we’ve misjudged maybe on the last lap you crushed hard to rewind and have a second chance.

I like this mechanic it prevents controllers from being smashed in fits of stress. I struggled to find reliable reviews so we’re gonna go with Metacritic this time at present the PS4 version has a score of 67 out of 100.

Titanfall 2 (PS4)

PlayStation Plus (PS+) December 2019 Free Games

A first-person military shooter which adds wall running and mech exoskeletons which drop into the warzone to assist you in battle.

Titanfall 2 has both single-player and multiplayer online options. The campaign was praised for the storytelling of Jack Cooper a rifleman who bonds with a Titan after the death of his mentor.

From there Jack and his mech are tasked with stopping an interstellar superweapon from destroying the entire planet.

Online you’d be forgiven to think this is another Call of Duty clone, but Titanfall keeps to the sci-fi elements like the aforementioned wall running while other games have reverted back to boots on the ground gameplay.

Titanfall 2 was released 3-years-ago at a terrible point in the year sandwiched between the new Call of Duty game and Battlefield.

The reviews tell us that this is an unmissable game there’s numerous 9 out of 10 scores from the publications you trust.

All the game modes you’d expect are here like Team Deathmatch and capture the flag but other modes that breathe extra life into the game such as Titan brawl where everyone is given a Titan which they cannot leave and bounty hunt is another fun mode with money being rewarded per elimination.

So there we have it the last PlayStation Plus December 2019 Games.