New on Netflix in June 2020

Also in June, Netflix comes with a whole laundry list of new content. At the beginning of the month, the last seasons of Fuller House and 13 Reasons Why are especially noteworthy … But don’t worry. Fortunately, there is still plenty to look forward to!


1Transformers: Age of Extinction

Various films are also planned in June. Starting with Transformers: Age of Extinction, which will be added on June 1. And that is, of course, a nice snack while waiting for that new Transformers film, which is expected in cinemas in 2022.

2Indiana Jones movies

Want to take a look at Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom again? Then you’re in luck this month! Netflix will add these classics to the offer immediately on June 1.

3The Last Days of American Crime

On June 5, it is then the turn of The Last Days of American Crime. This action movie is set in the near future. To end crime once and for all, the U.S. government is sending a signal that makes it impossible to (knowingly) break the law.

4Bridget Jones’s Baby

Fortunately, you will also find all kinds of classics on Netflix in June. We just mentioned the Indiana Jones movies a while ago, but Bridget Jones also belongs to that category! Of course, that also applies to Bridget Jones’s Baby, or:  the most viewed film in the series. You can (re) view it from 8 June.

5Da 5 Bloods

Spike Lee will release a new film about four African American veterans on June 12. They return to Vietnam in Da 5 Bloods to find the body of their army commander, as well as the treasure he helped to hide… However, that turns out to be easier said than done.

6Feel the Beat

Unfortunately, April failed to make it on Broadway… So she returns to her hometown, where she reluctantly starts out as a dance teacher of a group of misfits. Feel the Beat is on added to the streaming service’s offer on June 19.

7Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Since the first images were hilarious, we are really looking forward to the Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga! Fortunately, we don’t have to wait long for this long-awaited Eurovision comedy: you can see it on Netflix from June 26.

8Back to the Future movies

On June 30, Netflix will add our favorite eighties comedy! The time travel adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown in Back to the Future remain extremely exciting and funny. Therefore, also check the second film that can also be seen from that date!

9Snow White & The Huntsman

Also new on June 30Show White & The Huntsman. This film follows Snow White’s character, but has a different storyline than the original fairy tale. A modern version of the ancient classic, so!


And finally, Scarface, which will also be released on June 30! Years ago, Al Pacino played his most famous role of all time as ruthless drug lord Tony Montana. You could not be beaten, you would think… Yet the Coen brothers are going to try !


11Fuller House – season 5

On June 2 we have to believe it: saying goodbye to Fuller House. Fortunately, the second half of the fifth season is full of old acquaintances. They show up for a triple wedding. You can watch the latest episodes of Fuller Hous e on June 2 on Netflix.

1213 Reasons Why – season 4

A few days later another farewell is on the program… From June 5 you will see how it ends with the cast of 13 Reasons Why. Afraid to fall into a hole afterwards? Fortunately we turn once before seven series at a glance that you should look like you 13 Reasons Why hold.

13Queer Eye – season 5

Yaaaaaaas Queen! Fast forward with some happier news! The Queer Eye men return to Netflix on June 5. Are you not yet familiar with the makeover program? We tell you exactly why Queer Eye is our favorite reality show on Netflix.

14Over Water – season 1

In the Belgian series Over Water, we follow former TV star, John Beckers. He gets the last chance to get his life back on track and starts working in his father-in-law’s port company. The drama series can be seen on Netflix from June 5.

15The Politician – season 2

Normally we like to complain about the fact that we have to wait so long for new seasons of our favorite series. In the case of The Politician, however, we have nothing to fret about! The second season is already added to the offer on June 19.

16The Sinner – season 3

In The Sinner Season 3, we follow Detective Harry Ambrose, who is once again thinking of starting a simple routine investigation. It is a tragic car accident… which is probably another real crime hidden behind ! You can see how that ends on June 19 on Netflix.