Differences Between Disney Plus and Netflix

Disney Plus and Netflix

Disney Plus and Netflix are just the beginning of the streamer war and which one will win. well, if there is a winner Unfortunately us the viewers are all the losers. And today we look at the 10 differences between Disney Plus and Netflix.


Disney Plus and Netflix

This is the biggest question now is Disney is gonna be a much cheaper service at least this year. Netflix is odd that it has three streaming tears. You got your basic package, which is $8.99 a month plus your $12.99 which allows you to watch on two screens after that you can upgrade to $15.99 a month which allows you to watch up to four screens, which is good for households.

Disney Plus Price

Now Disney, however, it’s offering a $7 a month program and whether or not this will stay this way is hard to say. But we know from the beginning that it’s going to be cheap and it will offer up to four simultaneous streams just like Netflix and in hi-def.



This is one of the major differences and that is Disney Plus will not offer Anything any viewing material that is over the rating of PG-13. Of course, It’s got a lot of stuff that’s for kids and families.

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So Deadpool Nope, you’re not gonna be on that and if you want horror movies or r-rated films You’ll have to be getting that on services like Netflix.

Franchise Vs Non-franchise

Disney Plus and Netflix

We know with the acquisition of Fox by Disney this means that Disney will be running shows like The Simpsons family Guy, and of course, it’s own Marvel and Star Wars. Basically anything that it’s a bought Netflix, however, is a little more for original content and new content Sure with Netflix. You may get stuff like DC movies but all the stuff that we know that his Disney is gonna be on this platform.

Gritty Vs Non-Gritty

Disney Plus and Netflix

We have shows like the Mandalorian that are gonna have a little bit more of an edge to it But along with the rating, there is also a tone of the shows or film. Netflix does have a lot of grit to it stranger things American crime story Ozark and even The Punisher which yeah Disney might own but you’re not gonna see it on Disney Plus, Unfortunately.

Family Settings

Disney Plus and Netflix

With this, It doesn’t mean that everything that is on Disney Plus will be open for everyone to see because like Netflix This will also have child lock and settings. So kids can’t watch the mature content. However, both do have this ability.

Classics and Catalogs

Classics and Catalogs

Yes, Disney has been a big pusher of original content. Now Disney, however, You will get access to a lot of stellar classics old Disney cartoons like Steamboat Willie and even old movies Which is really fantastic no more running out and spending $50 to buy the Blu-ray updated copy of Aladdin. You’ll all have it here. So the major plus is that Disney has years and years of stuff that they will release for you and I’m just excited for things like Rescue Rangers.

Political Correctness and Statements

Political Correctness and Statements

Now with Disney being Disney. I mean by looking at Marvel films and Star Wars films, We all know Disney has had a very hard stance on making things politically correct and making subtle But for obvious statements in films. Sure other films have done it as well And we’ve seen it on Netflix, but it’s a little more obvious coming from this company. So unless Disney has some new direction that it might be going you can guarantee that You’re probably gonna see a lot more of this on this service.


Netflix already has a lot of stuff on their list shows that have already been well established and they are up there. Disney is not releasing things like all 23 Marvel films in one go they will release them as time goes on. This is probably so the actual service will have an increase in activity as time goes on but it’s also probably Really for marketing purposes.

It’s like hey this month. We finally got this film So if you’re planning on watching it You gotta buy this service. From what I’ve understood, Disney does have the intention to release all the Marvel films But you just won’t get them on launch.


Where Disney might beat Netflix and having years of content behind them? Netflix definitely beats Disney in years of experience as a streaming service. sure, all of this stuff that Disney is offering looks really great and fantastic, but when it comes down to it It just might not work.

Realistically, it most likely will it’s Disney after all but Netflix has had years of tailoring their content for your liking. Disney However is gonna be trying to figure out what you want because it just won’t have the data to prove it.

Final Words

Disney is gonna have just Disney

It’s not opening doors to other brands and this is kind of a big problem you get what the company owns? Netflix, it’s just more open you got to remember Disney may be the big bad boy now But at one point it was a king and then it died down and who knows where the industry will go?

There’s other Studios out there like Warner Brothers, Sony skydance legendary ee1 Entertainment paramount And of course Lionsgate and let’s not forget the big rival Universal Pictures.

So you won’t see any of these movies on Disney Plus. So Jurassic park’s ghostbusters Star Trek’s mission Impossibles you ain’t getting any of them unless Disney does its usual routine by buying everything.