We will be breaking down all of the confirmed games for the long-awaited PlayStation 5. As of right now, it’s looking like we won’t be seeing this console until perhaps December of 2020, but until that time lets drool over some of the beautiful games scheduled to be released for this next-gen console.

Cyberpunk 2077

Playstation 5 Games

This new title courtesy of CD Projekt Red made a huge splash at this year’s E3 conference with Keanu Reeves making the celebrity appearance of the century.

Cyberpunk 2077 will offer players an open world where they get to choose from eight unique characters called Edgerunners. Along with choosing from the different types of operatives who protect the fictional setting known as Night City, every decision made in the game will result in a variety of possible endings.

This futuristic dystopian game has had fans excited for its release ever since they posted a 48-minute playthrough in 2018. Currently, it is set to be released on April 16th, 2020 for PC, the PS4 and the Xbox One. Although with it being so close to the release of the PS5 you can be sure some will hold out to get the updated version when it comes time.

Dying Light 2

Playstation 5 Games

This second installment of the zombie action RPG developed by Techland is set to be released in early 2020. This means it will most likely first be played on the PS4, but with only a few months prior to the PS5 release, we can guarantee it will also be created for that console as well.

The game begins 15 years after the first Dying Light with a new protagonist by the name of Aiden Caldwell. Following the announcement, at E3 an interview with the game’s developer confirmed that the plan since the start of this project was to make Dying Light 2 a cross-generation title. Which we all know means we can definitely expect a PS5 version. With its upgraded visuals, new parkour and combat mechanics this game will truly look incredible on the next-generation console.

Lord of The Rings Gollum

Currently being developed by a German developer this action-adventure game will take us through the years that followed after Gollum acquired the one ring. It is said to be before any of the events in the novel and even the films.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the companies CEO and co-founder had this to say – We have the story that we all know from the book, but everything that happens to him, before he appears in the book are the main things we will see in our game.

Adding that they have partnered with Middle-earth Enterprises to develop and publish the new game which is set to be released in 2021 on PC and all relevant console platforms at that time. With that last line of detail in this interview, we can confirm that when the PS5 is released we won’t have to wait much longer to play as the popular JRR Tolkien character.

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Assassin’s Creed Kingdom

Playstation 5 Games

After hearing about this PS5 release I have officially lost count of how many Assassin’s Creed games are out now. Nonetheless, this Viking takes on the beloved game is one that we are super excited for.

First teased as an easter egg in Division 2 as a poster, fans were pumped at the prospect of an Assassin’s Creed game all about Vikings. Ubisoft has already confirmed they will be skipping a release for 2019 and that their next game would come in 2020.

Now you may be thinking how in the world did people assume this game would be coming based on that poster, well if you look closely the Viking Warrior is actually holding the Apple of Eden. Which for those of you who are fans of the series will know is essential to basically every Assassins Creed game. With the immense power that the PS5 will have we believe that this game is going to be unlike any Assassins Creed game to date.

Playstation All-Stars Arena

It has been reported that Capcom is teaming up with Sony to throw together a battle game for the ages. It will feature a ton of beloved characters such as Crash Bandicoot, Lara Croft, Spider-Man and Spyro the Dragon. Out of the last points we mentioned this is one of the only games that will for sure be released alongside the PS5.

Additionally, the new 3D arena brawler will remain as a Playstation exclusive until it’s released for the PC in 2021. Now, this part is still hearsay but according to a Capcom employee, they are planning on launching two different versions of this game.

One will be the full-featured edition for the PS5 which will include things such as various single-player modes as well as a multiplayer mode. Additionally, they will be putting out a free-to-play edition that will involve just smaller sections of the game modes packed in with an updating rotation of characters.

Sniper Elite 5

Playstation 5 Games

The fifth installment of this tactical shooter video game series developed by Rebellion was confirmed to be in development for the PS5. After Rebellion released a 6-minute video called Sniper Elite Development update fans were clamoring over them promising that the team was hard at work on Sniper Elite 5.

During the video, they said that the next major title in the Sniper Elite series will follow in the footsteps of the widely acclaimed Sniper Elite 4.

While they were sort of dancing around which platform it will be on, they did say that more details will be unveiled in 2020. Which as you know is just in time for the next console release date. So hopefully by that time, we will have more trailers and details on this next-gen game.

Watch Dogs Legion

Playstation 5 Games

Announced at E3 back in 2019 Watch Dogs Legion is one of those highly anticipated and confirmed titles coming to the next generation console. This will be the third installment of the series coming to us from Ubisoft Toronto and the sequel to Watch Dogs 2.

The game will be an open-world setting in a fictionalized version of London which has become a surveillance state. It will also feature a co-op multiplayer mode that allows up to four players to work together.

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Initially, Ubisoft had stated that the game would be released for March of 2020, although now with news of the PS5 release date they have pushed that date to the next financial year. Which typically falls between April 2020 to March 2021.

So depending on the game’s completion we could see it being pushed back by an extra month or possibly a full year.

Rainbow Six Quarantine

The legend of Tom Clancy lives on through Rainbow Six Quarantine. According to the Epic Games Store, the game is being developed by an entirely new team at Ubisoft Montreal that was inspired by the long-standing brand legacy of tactical co-op shooters.

It will feature a variety of operators you’ll remember from Rainbow Six Siege and will seek to develop something new with those characters. This is yet again another one of those early E3 teasers by Ubisoft that was never really given a release date but is believed to be scheduled for the 2020-2021 financial year.

Again meaning that they are patiently waiting to see what the PS5 will offer before they make any promises on its release date.

Gods and Monsters

From the creators of Assassins Creed Odyssey comes this all-new storybook adventure about a hero on a quest to save the Greek gods. In the game, players will battle with mythological creatures and square up with the deadliest monster in Greek mythology.

Much like their Watch Dogs title Ubisoft had released the date for this game a little prematurely. It has since been delayed until early 2020 with the possibility of a 2021 release.

This fantastic open-world of Greek mythology will certainly remind you of the legend of Zelda’s breath of the wild with its enchanting art style. If the game does come out earlier than expected, you can be sure they’re going to double up and also release the PS5 version.

Call of Duty Black Ops 5

Set to be launched in 2020 this next Call of Duty game in the series is said to be even more gritty and gruesome than even the most recent Modern Warfare release.

Although the modern warfare series is primarily developed by Infinity Ward, this will be Treyarch’s chance at flexing their skills with the next Black Ops game. According to Kotaku, this game is being held onto until Treyarch can release it as a cross-platform game.

Additionally in there report they confirmed that the game will be taking place during the Cold War period and will coincide with the launch of the next Playstation.