10 People Black Widow Has Hooked Up With

Black Widow first appeared as a Russian spy against Iron man in the Tales of Suspense Issue number 52. Five issues later, she recruits the Hawkeye to help her on this mission. Her government gives her some high-tech weaponry and first Black Widow costume.

However, she eventually defects to the United States joining the Avengers along with Hawkeye. Like many people, she’s had a few romantic Interests. We’re going to look at some of them with the 10 People Black Widow has hooked up with.

1Hercules from -X-Men

This was a smaller blip on her radar but in the Korvac Saga in 1978 they are briefly a couple. Thankfully their relationship doesn’t make anything awkward once they break up and they still work together for some time.

Apparently, even in a 2010 issue, she is still saying he’s hot. Maybe something will happen again. It seems she has a few on again off again guys.

2Von Doom

Well, in an alternate universe in a mini-series created by Nail Gaiman! It’s set in 1602, That’s right, the Elizabethan era where our heroes and villains are now roles in the new world or English court.

Natasha is a secret agent that is working for the queen through SIR Nicholas Fury. “the most dangerous woman in Europe” In Issue 2 she’s helping Matt Murdoch to protect the Knights Templars treasure. But, she double-crosses Matt.

It turns out she is secret lovers with Count Otto VON DOOM. He is this evil tyrant ruling over Latveria. Later on, in this series she’s the captain of this flying ship, she questions his plan to go to the edge of the world in the ship and he just pushed her over the side.

3Red Guardian aka Alexi Shostakov

Alexi was an amazing test pilot back in the Soviet Union. The KGB orchestrated him marrying a famous ballerina, Natasha Romanova.

The KGB decides they want her to join them as a secret agent so they fake her husband’s death to help push her into the Red Room program. She decides to become a spy to honor her late husband’s death.

4Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier

In the Civil War comic book storylines its explained that during the Soviet Union days, Natasha and Bucky were together. They were both in training to become operatives and well, spending that much time training and having to be all strict…it’s bound to make things happen.

Later on, around the time Bucky becomes Captain America (after he is presumed dead, Stark tells Bucky the Cap wanted his mantle to continue. He seems like the natural choice ) they even date again but…as always with her, things end.

5Hawkeye or Clint Barton

Part of why they left Europe was because of the KGB tried to kill her. That’s really when Hawkeye decided enough was enough and he wanted to get out of the villain game.

They continued to work together but now for the Avengers. When they were first here they dated for a while he even proposed to her. She debated it, he almost died, she questioned life without him but in the end, decided not to go ahead with it, broke up and went on a solo career. You see a bit of the tenderness between them in the first movie.

In the comics, it’s an on and off sort of thing. Sort of like Diana Troy and Riker in TNG. I think what brought them together so many times is a feeling of understanding.

Neither of them has real superpowers, they are just very well trained, they were both criminals, they were both looking to take down IronMan in the beginning, they both have tragic backstories.

6Daredevil or Matt Murdock

They worked together for a while. She helped him take out The Owl in Daredevil Issue #81 after that he even ended his relationship with Karen Page to be with her. They fell in love.

Then to get a fresh start they decide to move to San Francisco to fight crime together there. However, things go south with their relationship when she starts to feel like he thinks he’s better at this whole vigilante thing than she is.

He just doesn’t see her skills as equal so they part ways and that’s when she goes to work with the Xmen- enter Hercules. Maybe that’s why that one was so short, he was her rebound?

7Michael Corcoran

In this issue, Black Widow goes undercover as a defective American Scientist Laura Matthers to try to find out where they are keeping Ivan Petrovich. She works at his lab and learns about their goals, overhears conversations with his Soviet superiors and becomes romantic with him.

She thinks she has all the info she needs the tries to get Ivan out but it turns out it was all a trap for her! However, now that Michael’s usefulness is at an end the KGB agent stabs him in the back and as he dies in Black Widows arms he confesses he really did love her.


There was a time when HYDRA attempted to take over SHIELD. During this time Natasha was tortured until she completely switched over to her cover identity, which at the time was Nancy Rushman a school teacher. So she’s walking about NYC and getting mugged.

Spiderman jumps in to save her just as she kicks the criminal’s asses. He remembers her and wants to help to get her memory back. She thinks so too and falls for him. He’s left torn.

The right thing to do is help her get her memory back but yo, the black widow is TIGHT. He, of course, helps her get her memory back and she, of course, doesn’t really dig him anymore.

9The Hulk

We really only get to see this in the second movie and really only a little. She’s just scared of him in the first one. But they share a sort of connection in the second one. Neither of them has ever really been able to have a normal life and I think that brought them together.

We were expecting a bit more after the Age of Ultron. However, with the Hulk flying into space and meeting up with Thor in Ragnarok their love didn’t really have time to bloom and then you’re trying to string together so many movies and heroes in Avengers Endgame.

Unless they made it a 4-hour movie (which I myself would not have minded) there just wasn’t time. Apparently scene of their romance were even filmed but sadly they were cut.

10Iron Man

I know, no one is safe from her feminine wiles. In the Ultimate Marvel universe, She is much closer than in other comics or the movies. They date and then even get engaged.

However, it turns out that she was a trainer and just trying to manipulate the Avengers to destroy them in payback for the fall of the Soviet Union. It ends with Hawkeye of all people killing her AND then, ready, it’s about to get Kardashian in here.

After she was killed, there is a sex tape leaked of her and Ironman. So she does damage to his reputation even from the grave.