Fortnite Chapter 2 is here and there a ton of new skins, new mechanics and new ways to win it all.

1Stay Centered

Fortnite chapter 2 tips and tricks

Often times when you watch pros play fortnite you’ll see them either drop immediately into the map or at least go for a more central point. At first glance, this can seem like a tactic only the best of the best will ever attempt.

Usually, when dropping in straight away your odds of survival are much lower. Although there’s a real strategy to this technique if you can manage to avoid all of the other incoming opponents.

The reason why you’ll want to be in a more central location is simply to stay within the center of the storm. Even if the zone is slightly off-center on the map you should always do your best to move towards the center of wherever the zone is.

You may feel exposed by doing this, but if you can develop some technique through practice it’s actually a really good position to be in. As you establish a foothold in the center you won’t have to worry too much about running from the storm and instead you’ll get to build a perfect settlement as everyone moves towards you.

2Harvest Materials

In fortnite season 1, you needed to grind to collect as much material as you possibly could and for good reason. When it comes down to a conflict you’ll want to be able to build a wall or at the very least an escape plan.

Now a new addition to fortnite chapter 2 is here to help if you’re willing to take advantage of it. To collect a massive amount of materials in one fell swoop all you need to do is get close enough to your enemy to break down their structure and have all of their materials.

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This is a huge tip and one that you should be constantly using in order to keep a leg up on the competition. It also means that you don’t need to fret if you’re in a location that doesn’t have very many materials.

At least now you can just seek out an enemy’s well-crafted fort and rob them of everything they worked so hard to get.


We love this new addition to chapter 2 because of how reminiscent it feels of playing Assassins creed. Just like in Assassins Creed when you jump from a great height into a haystack they will undoubtedly save you from falling to your death. Not only that but they are a decent place to hide. They’re these sort of unassuming props on the map that a lot of players will just run right past.

However, if you use them wisely these haystacks can become your best friend. Which is important to have especially in a game of solos. In regards to jumping into these things, you can pretty much do it from any height and take absolutely no damage.

Plus if you’re being chased it doubles as an excellent hiding spot from whoever was just trying to eliminate you.

4Slurpy Swamp

A new location and its pivotal one for success is the Slurpy Swamp. Located on the battle royale map inside the coordinates of C6 and C7 just south of Weeping Woods is where you’ll find this helpful location.

This would be an alternative starting point for newer players because of the great benefits that you can draw from dropping here. At this location is the giant slurp juice factory, but additionally, there are slurpy rivers, barrels, trucks and a ton of other ways to down this beneficial liquid.

If you’re a seasoned fortnite player you’ll understand the benefits of having the slurp juice nearby. It raises your health and shield levels and it’s even been argued that you could snag a victory just by staying in this location for the majority of the game.

Depending on how far the center of the storm is you could technically just squat in the slurpy rivers constantly replenishing your shields even in the middle of the storm. It’s by far one of the safest places for a new player to start.

5Watch and Learn

Perhaps one of the most underrated tips on this list is just simply watching and learning. Mainly from the plethora of professional fortnite streamers that are out there.

These guys and gals go hard with Fortnite nearly every single day and as a result, they have become very skilled. You’ll be amazed at the subtle techniques you can pick up just by watching how another person plays.

Seeing what it takes to take that victory royale can often be enough for a new player to substantially increase their ranking or skill level in the game. Additionally to this point practice is key to getting better at any game.

Anytime you lose just take a breath and learn from your mistakes. You’ll be much better come the next game if you’ve learned from your past failures.

6The Waterfall Troll

This is perhaps an area that will soon be patched just because of the sheer amount of people using it to gain an advantage. The new waterfall location that sits just NorthWest of Lazy Lake has become a popular spot for some serious trolling. If you reach the waterfall before anyone else does, here’s a fun way to set a trap for any opponents trying to eliminate you.

Head to the bottom of the waterfall and simply start laying down the flooring over top of the water that’s pooled at the bottom. That way when players come over the waterfall expecting to have a cushy dive into the water and move on, they will just smack right into the flooring you’ve placed knocking them out of the game upon impact.

Additionally, if you happen to come across a boat and bring it to this location a recent glitch will allow you to drive the boat off the waterfall without falling. That’s right, the boat will just start to fly as if Epic had never taken out those airplanes. For best results make sure the right side of your boat is touching the land on that side just as you near the edge.

Then exit the boat, jump on land and enter the boat from there. If done correctly you should be able to start flying the boat from that point

7Stay Balanced

Much like in the first chapter of Fortnite it is worth repeating that keeping a balanced loadout of weapons is supremely important even in Chapter 2.

The key to capturing a victory royale is having a very good balance of weaponry at your side. A good base of weapons to keep would be an assault rifle, shotgun, sniper, an explosive of some type and some way to heal.

As for chapter 2, the top tier of weapons is the assault rifle and should be your go-to. They’re great weapons to have because of the wide range of good range that you can hit with it. Second to that is having a good shotgun.

A lot of times you’re fighting either within a close-quarters building or a fort you’re creating on the spot. So that means that your enemies are going to be a lot more in your face and the best weapon to save you is a legendary shotgun. This can deal out 87 damage points and is often times the deciding factor when it comes down to a duel.

8The 90s

This technique is something that definitely takes some practice, but if you can do it well it will speak volumes to your level of experience playing the game.

The second I see someone using this technique I know that they play Fortnite a lot. In fact its the very name of the game. The 90s are when you build two walls one in front, one beside you, creating that 90-degree angle. Then simply add a ramp and jump placing it below you.

This will not only boost you into the air, but it creates a constant wall of protection and moves you to a higher vantage point. When done correctly it creates utter confusion for the enemy chasing you. There is also a technique called Vos 90s which was created by YouTuber and fortnite streamer Vo.

His take a bit more practice to master, but they also don’t require the double-wall start. You would simply place the ramp then jump and turn your character 90 degrees and continue the process of building underneath you. Again if done correctly it will boost your vantage point by a lot.

9Avoid Conflict

This is more often than not a test of your patience than anything else, but if you’re able to not engage with every single player you see you could actually survive for a long time.

The map is so large in Fortnite that if you’re able to survive you can sit back and just let everyone else take each other out of the game leaving time for you to plan the perfect attack. That’s also why having a balanced loadout of weapons is important.

Having a sniper doesn’t just allow you to take out opponents from a great distance, but it also makes for the perfect scope to see what’s happening. Avoiding conflict and waiting for the perfect moment to strike gives you the element of surprise and if you plan a path to the center of the zone without being seen you have A much better chance of actually winning.

The only time we would suggest it be best to move in on an enemy is when you see two others already going at it. If you can again be patient and allow one of them to gain the upper hand you can swoop in and take out the winner of that small battle while their health is low. This then in-turn gives you two different players to loot from.

10Go Fish

One of the newer additions to Fortnite Chapter 2 is the fishing mechanic and it is one that not a lot of people take advantage of. However, if you drop early on and are having a difficult time locating decent weapons, don’t just pass by the fishing rod.

Take that and start casting your line into any water source. You will always pull in a fish that can offer you weapons, health, and many other helpful supplies.

Although great loot aside the main reason you’ll want to try your hand at fishing is in search of the super rare Mythic Goldfish If you can catch that fish and pull it out of the water successfully it will deal a massive amount of damage to any enemies that come your way.